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There is much more to Civ than just political roleplay, war, and building; over the years many individuals throughout iterations of Civ have brought forth amazing recreational activities that you can do in your free time. From participating in athletic sports to gambling away your life savings, there is much to do in Civ!



The Olympics began in mid 2018 on the CivClassic 2.0 server and were a staple in the Civ sports scene until the servers shutdown in December 2021. It featured a wide array of challenges and competitions which covered just about every possible sport you could do on the server. The Olympics were also held each time in a different city of significant size, giving many competing players a chance to see the massive cities if they had not done so previously.

Hockey League

In early 2014, a nation on CivCraft 2.0 called New Danzilona created the New Danzilona Hockey League, making it the first time in Civ history that an organized sporting league had been created. It ran for 4 seasons before ending in late 2015, having yet to return to any successor servers beyond being one of the many sports featured in the Olympics. However there have been talks of bringing the league back in the upcoming Civ server CivMC, so it's very possible that for the first time in 8 years, Civ will have a hockey league once again.


Civ: The Card Game is an in-game trading card game created by Lodish in late 2018, with it's first and only stand-alone competition being in October of 2018. It's a highly addictive and fun game in where you collect trading cards by buying them from TCG stores respectively and then pit them in a war of wit and strategy against your opponent. It is confirmed to be returning for CivMC as well, meaning that soon you can be battling your opponent in a thrilling battle of stratagem too.

Wool Wars

To be done


Map Art

One of the big staples in CivClassic 2.0 was the sheer amount of businesses that made Map Art. It's considered to be a very lucrative and artistic business that many participated in during the server's lifespan, including things such as commissions and collaborative pieces. Virtually anything you want to be made into a hangable picture on your wall (within reason) is free game when it comes to map art making, making it a very fun of rewarding hobby for many, so it's no surprise it is likely to return in CivMC.