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r/Place 2022 was a collaborative project wherein users could place one pixel at a time every 5 minutes. The CivMC community banded together to get a logo as an advertisement for the upcoming release of the server.

The final logo on the canvas before it was wiped out with white


The final art on the r/Place canvas went through many changes and tribulations throughout its existence.

First location and annexation by PoliticalCompass Memes

Initially, a central location that was mostly covered by noise and random pixels was chosen, and the first design was chosen, a large gathering of people formed on the CivMC voice chat and together the community was peacefully placing all the pixels. A few hours later, it became very obvious that the r/PoliticalCompassMemes community was going to expand over the CivMC design, and that diplomatic attempts to mend this issue were futile, so the community started looking elsewhere to place the logo.

The first design published in the #announcements channel of the CivMC discord
Asmongold attacking the second location of the CivMC logo[1]

Second location and Asmongold grief

After diplomatic efforts from Feathercrown and ChrisChrispie, a new CivMC logo was created on the Green Lattice, then located at the right side of the canvas. It appeared just after 9:30pm UTC on April 1, next to 2b2t. The new logo, designed by Animeme_Master was smaller so it could fit inside the then-small lattice.[2] The new logo was located above a non-approved artwork from fans of political streamer VaushV, who thanked CivMC for their efforts.[3] The CivMC logo survived attacks from a false flag invasion of crypto-currency Monero, and also survived a blue lattice takeover during (???am UTC April 2).

Saturday marked a period of relative peace. With the canvas expanding towards the right at 4:30pm UTC April 2,[4] the Green Lattice expanded quickly new artworks approved by the Green Lattice started appearing. Hasanabi, while viewing the canvas, shouted out CivMC during his livestream on Saturday.[5]

This location inside the Green Lattice was eventually taken over after Asmongold told his viewers to lay artwork of a pot from Elden Ring. The CivMC logo was taken over at 6pm UTC on Sunday, April 3.[6]

CivMC logo on the second location next to the Green lattice, designed by animeme_master [2]

Final location and eventual attacks by griefers

After the Asmongold takeover, the community once again changed locations to what would eventually become the final location, it was decided to once again stay next to the Green Lattice, as the community would greatly benefit from their protection, and so pixel by pixel, the logo was placed again.

Close to the end of r/Place 2022, allegedly, Birmingham started attacking the logo, by expanding the red border of the drawing on top into the black border of the final logo, however, their griefing attempts were thwarted by the community, and the final logo before the white wipe was grief free.

At around 10:45pm UTC, users were only allowed to place white pixels.[7] It was entirely deleted at 00:02:17 UTC[8]

Hasan mentions CivMC