List of Conflicts on CivClassic 2.0

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This is a list of all the wars that have taken place on CivClassics so far.

Name Side #1 Side #2 Dates Results
Alpoko-Impasse War  Impasse  Alpoko June 15th, 2017 Alpokoan raider YegorDia pearled, reps paid to Impasse.
Carpathia-Aznazia Conflict  Carpathia  Aznazia June 2017 Aznazian raids cease as Carpathia falls into inactivity.
First Yoahtl-Laconia War  Yoahtl


 Laconia July 4th - 25th 2017 A decisive Yoahtlan victory with multiple Laconian ministers pearled and reps paid to Yoahtl.
Yoahtl-Vzis War  Yoahtl

Nudist Beach

 Vzis July 2017 Yoahtlan victory. Dissolution of Vzis.
Somber War  Western Alliance

Lone Nations:



October 9th 2017 - April 8th 2018 Decisive Western Alliance Victory, end of Lexington/Nox.
Second Yoahtl-Laconia War  Yoahtl  Laconia November 2017 Yoahtlan surrender, reps paid to Laconia.
Tierra Conflict  Tierra de Conciencia

 Imperial Mountain of Casson
Nudist Beach

 Mount Augusta


December 2017 MtA surrenders and relocates, greif removed by all parties.
Jerusalem Civil War (Farley war)  Jerusalem Jerusalem Wananabazique Lonu January 2018 Wananabazique Lonu gains independence, Jerusalem abandoned soon after.
Ancapistan War  Ancapistan  Okashima


February 2018 Ancapistan destroyed and all land divided between Okashima and it's allies.
Vinland-Konigsberg Conflict  Vinland Königsberg March 2018 Konigsberg bunker raided. SpicyBoy pearled.
Unnamed War  Nipplerock


 Tierra de Conciencia

 Brotherhood of Steel

March 2018 Nipplerock victory, YourAverageRick exiled.
Pinkertown Conflict Pinkertown (secretly Laconia)  Holy Jaded Empire May 2018 Decisive HJE victory, Pinkertown relocated and vault occupied.
Seven Minute War  Ossenkirch

 Holy Jaded Empire

rogue Kaga players July 8th, 2018 raider base occupied, all 4 raiders pearled.
Mount Augusta Riots  Mount Augusta
Mount Augusta (CivClassic 2.0) NUP


August 2018 Augustan victory, NUP rioters apprehended.
Third Yoahtl-Laconia War  Laconia





August 9th - September 3rd 2018 A decisive Laconian victory with reparations paid to both Laconia and Rhodesia and with Axochitlan ceded to Laconia.
The Bandit War  Thalassocracy  Rowan Stronghold August 18, 2018 Rowan Stronghold destroyed, ring leaders samrules14 and Macguy73 pearled.
Vinland-Chanseatic State War  Vinland  Chanseatic State


October 2018 Vinland raided by Channers and Quinn pearled, Vinland temporarily joins Mir.
Gabon Civil War  Gabon (GetSkinny's faction)


 Gabon (BritishWanderer's faction)


November 9th, 2018
Odresh-Phylon Conflict  Odresh


Phylon December 21st - 22nd 2018 Odresh instigators, Lokilog and Crusher, sentenced to two weeks in the end with all stolen items returned to Olivay.
ARC-Vitelia War  SATO

Lone Nations:

 Vitelia January 6th, 2019 Vitelia dissolved, Mir takes over control of Vitelia Vault.
Polska-New Champtown War  Polska New Champtown January 6th - 13th, 2019 Champion Resistance fighters pearled, land returned to Polska.
Hallow-Chanseatic War  Tel Aviv


 Chanseatic State
Two Bays
January 2019 Hallow victory. Chanseatic capital griefed. Chanseatic State territories ceded to Mir.
Infinity War

(aka NATO-Mir War)



Lone Nations:


 LSD (after September 2019)

Lone Nations:

January 30th 2019 - July 19th 2020 Decisive Mir/Entente/UDF Victory, end of all nations still in NATO.
Nyasan-Channer War  United Northern Congress (Old):

Lone Nations:

 Chanseatic State

Verda Sovia-Verda

April 9th - 28th 2019 Channers pearled and Sovia-Verda annexed by Nyasaland
Mt. Augusta-Nueva Myrador War  Mount Augusta  Nueva Myrador March 2019 Ashnwill surrenders his pearl and nl groups for the obby greif
SATO/Mir-Rhodesia Conflict  SATO

Lone nations:


 Mount Augusta

April 14th 2019 Rhodesian vault disabled and claimed by Hjaltland

Mount Augusta gives up claim on the Rhodesian vault

Clown Wars  Icenia  New Sovia June 20th - 26th 2019 White peace, no major change in territory.
New Sovia Civil War LoR:  New Sovia (occupied by SwiftFizz) July-August 2019 New Sovia eventually reclaimed.
Adina-Astonia War LoR:


 Adina August 2019 MrJoCrafter pearled by Adina and put on trial
Entente-Laconia War (part of Infinity War)  Entente  Laconia


September 28th 2019 - January 9th 2020 Laconian capital Mt. Doom seized with Entente victory, Laconia and LSD ally with NATO
War of the Coalition (part of Infinity War)  Ok Bomber Coalition: Ransakistan December 2019 Ransackistan destroyed and most of its fighters pearled.
Columbian Bush War  Columbia (Shadedoom's faction)  Columbia (Kdeeks' faction)


December 18th - 29th 2019 kdeeks' faction destroyed.
Kro'ev War  Krohil


 Jevoghnya May 2020 Kro'ev, along with Pacem mercenaries, conquer Kryusho.
One Hour War  Veldt Gul

 Empire of Eddie Murphy

February 4th - 5th 2021 Veldt's settlement removed and all terraforming undone.
Columbia-Cascadia War  Columbia Cascadia February 2021 Decisive Columbian victory, Cascadia occupied by Columbia.
CCCP Civil War  Confederation of Cities Communes and Protectorates  Provincia


Early 2021 Threeper fighters surrender, territory annexed by CCCP.
The Landa Crisis Landa  Capeland May 7th - 11th 2021 Capeland victory, Landa leader keuradeurva pearled and later banned.
Acadian Island War  Acadia Kingdom Of The Acadian Lewis Islands June 10th 2021 Pandastical pearled, Acadian Lewis Islands annexed by Acadia.
Ohio Crisis  Capeland ( Chungia) New Ohio September 2nd - 3rd 2021 New Ohio destroyed by CES fighters, all Ohioans pearled.
Binchyland-Partyland War (Farley war)  Binchyland  Partyland September 8th - 11th (official victory October 4th) LIQUID STEREO gets absolutely destroyed by Binchymonkey and concedes victory.
The Home Depot War  Jolington


 East Jolington September 22nd - October 2nd 2021 Stalemate; white peace declared establishing more-or-less status quo antebellum.
The Schizophrenia War (Farley war)  Partyland



Neo Partyland September 29th - October 15th 2021 SOLIDSTEREO surrenders, all Neo Partyland hideouts destroyed.
Dumnonia War  Yoahtl

 Imperial Truidence


Dumnonia October 2nd - 18th 2021 Okx pearled, Dumnonia returned to Yoahtl.
Soria Crisis  Äggland


Columbia East Columbia

Islamic Caliphate

October 14th - 26th 2021 Iceboy_board retracts declaration of war and removes all claims on the Islamic Caliphate's land
Nro'meagh-Thoria War  New Thoria  Nro'Meagh

 Cortesia Del Mar


October 17th 2021 Thoria bunker destroyed, Thoria relocated to new claim
War on Bees

(Farley war)

Tomfoolery Pact Bees

 New Thoria

November 8th - November 17th 2021 Partyland dissolves, bees win war by default.
Jomsviking-England Incident  City of England

 Kingdom of Fish

 Jomsviking Confederation



November 19th 2021 Jomsviking concedes and returns city back to CoE
Bloody Sunday  Imperial Federation of Eddie Murphy

 Augustan Federation:




Lone Nations:
 Avalon Empire

Eddie Murphy Tech Islands November 21st 2021 Coalition pyrrhic victory, EMTech bunkers broken, 1 player banned, 2 accounts logboxed, EMTech relocated on new accounts
Pearled Harbor  Kallos  Columbia December 7th 2021 Kallos victory, many Columbian pearls freed, major damage to Columbian treasury.