La Lune de Septembre

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La Lune de Septembre
The front page of the first issue
Nation Mount September
Foundation date2021/2/20
  • 5 (as of 31 March 2021)
  • 2 are "Special online-only"
  • In game book as well as image album posted to reddit for regular issues
  • Online text only for Special Online-only issues
• Editor in Chief and Writer
• Editor

La Lune de Septembre, sometimes shortened to LdS or The Lune, was a newspaper on CivClassic founded and published by AmandaCC and sold in Mount September in the Rock Paper Scissors shop. The title is french for "The Septembrian Moon", or more literally "The Moon of September". AmandaCC wrote all articles and Metriximor typically read over drafts of the articles in regular issues and proposed changes while also giving feedback. On July 19th, 2021, AmandaCC announced that she wasn't planning on doing new issues of LdS[1].


Regular Issues

These issues were edited and distributed as both image albums posted to reddit and also printed in CivClassic in the Mount September mall.

  • Issue 1[2]
    • Main Articles
      • Mount September prepares for upcoming Mayoral Elections
      • Growing relations with Lusitania
      • The Fifth Olympics in Mount September?
    • Special Foreign News Section
  • Issue 2[3]
    • Main Articles
      • Godomasta elected as Mayor of Mount September
      • Raider pearled in MtA
      • The Columbia-Cascadia War and the Collapse of Eddie Murphy
    • Small News
  • Issue 3[4]
    • Main Articles
    • Small News
      • Meme bills out of control in MtS
      • Thraldrek resigns his role as a diplomat
      • Oko, Leader of Anyakova, quits civ
      • Raider pearled trying to steal a beacon in Mount September

Special Online-only Issues

These issues were online only, they were published on reddit and written on