Icenian Revolutionary Army

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Icenian Revolutionary Army (IRA)
irachad, the emojiguy coloured Icenian blue used as the organisation's logo
Logo for the shell company created for the IRA, the KPRC
HeadquartersVesuvius, Varkonia
Number of Employees10+
Historical Data
prawny331, IKEA_FRIDGE, MrJeremyFisher
Established in9th March 2021

The Icenian Revolutionary Army (or IRA) was a paramilitary organisation within Icenia created by many of the members of Otonabee, with the goal of overturning the Icenian Government through military force and manufactured unrest[1]. The group was founded on the 9th of March, 2021, initially as a joke, and a secret vault was constructed under the mushroom islands of Vesuvius, owned by Varkonia in the +,-


Many of the group's members were pearled in late 2020 by various members of the Icenian militia and their allies for minor raiding in the central region. Following a short pearl sentence, the members became citizens within Icenia, and over the months in 2021, many of the group's senior membership held some elected position within the Icenian government. Members of the organisation, making use of Icenia's first-past-the-post voting system, were able to ensure that potentially competetive candidates received fewer votes by strategially voting as a group. This had varying degrees of success, but the group maintained at least one member within the government for most of 2021 unhindered.

The Plan

The group's plan was to assassinate ChrisChrispie and as many government members as possible, before kiting to a secret vault constructed out in the ocean. The members were aware of the likely response of the Icenian militia and the broader UDF, and aware that a complete victory was highly unlikely. The goal was to cause a disruption and have a little fun, rather than cause lasting change.

Secondary to this, while the vault was under construction, unrest was fostered by members of the group within the nation's discord, with Icenia's leader referring to the period as being " the first true political divide in Icenia since the West Isle conflict" [2]. This would come to a head with the unlawful pearling of binchymonkey's sister[3] and a subsequent protest held by many of the citizens in Icenia's discord. The plan was initially set to be undertaken on a weekend prior to the Icenian olympics.

The Construction of Hubris

The nether islands in the +,- in the Varkonian claims of Vesuvius were chosen early to set up shop and begin construction of what was initially planned to be a simple bunker and skybunker system. The location was chosen for its geographical location nearby Icenia, but in an otherwise abandoned chain of islands lacking many of the undersea snitches around Bloom and Gabon. The original bunker design was obtained from WNS2, who was intentionally kept in the dark for its purpose[4] to allow for plausible deniability. This design would not be constructed, rather a larger vault was planned (named Hubris) making specific use of bastion stacking mechanics and the ground section was cleared and constructed over 2-3 months. The vault was planned with many other 1.16 unique traps, but many of these were not completed.

The ground section of hubris early in its construction.

In order to supply fighters and hold ground, the production of xp, vault and city bastions became a priority, with the group securing farmland around Icenia and the broader map necessary for the production of these, using Icenian factories wherever possible to save on production costs. An obby grinder was built, as well as a secret railway from Icenia city to the vault. This railway was strategically blocked at several times whenever discovered, notably by Lagiacrus11 who discovered the rail at one stage. The vault remained undiscovered for nearly 8 whole months prior to the server's closing, where the plan was publically announced in the confessions thread. This was mostly due to the upper sections of the vault not being constructed, with just the ground sections being constructed and cleared under the ocean. Only a single surface building was constructed in the archipelago to ensure the operations underground were not discovered, a small surface storage bunker, which was cobble bombed along with the surrounding islands by a clueless newfriend.

Cancellation of Plans

With the Ez2raids ongoing in Icenia and the olympics rapidly approaching, the plans were delayed before eventually being completely cancelled in May of 2021. Many of the group defended the city against the raids, and the decision was made to not burn their repuations and betray any trust placed in them over the months of infiltration. Coupled with this, much of the fostered unrest had cooled by this stage, with a constitutional rewrite and SoundTech returning to government. Much work on the vault had been completed underground, however, and in the interest of not letting all their work go to waste, the group created the shell company of the Kawartha Pine Ridge Corporation[5] to attempt to purchase the surrounding lands without arousing much suspicion from Varkonia. While the vault was not found by any Varkonians, the purchase was stalled for months, caught up in Varkonia's bureaucracy before finally being told they were unable to purchase the land. By this time, most of the group had stopped playing the server, and no further work on hubris was completed.

The Plans go Public

The group's existance remained completely secret from its inception up to the announcement of the server's shutdown. The plans largely came as a surprise to Icenian leadership, with the sole exception of prawny331, who was identified early by ChrisChrispie as causing problems for the sake of it.