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Eighty-eight day siege of the Orion embassy in Mt. Augusta The Orion embassy in Mt Augusta
Dates 21st of May 2014 - 13th of August 2014
Location Mt Augusta
Result Eventual Orionite recapture of the embassy, Loveshackian retreat
The Republic of Orion Principality of Loveshack
Leaders and Commanders


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Eighty-eight day siege of the Orion embassy in Mt. Augusta

The siege of the Orion embassy in Mt. Augusta (referred to in the Principality of Loveshack as "spreading of pink") was a diplomatic crisis between the Republic of Orion and the Principality of Loveshack, on a period of a total of 88 days. The crisis had long-lasting implications in Orion, Mt. Augusta and Loveshack, and considerably worsened diplomatic relations between the two states.

Orionite embassy construction in Mt. Augusta

In early January 2014, Orion opened diplomatic relations with Mt. Augusta, a new city located right next to the Principality of Loveshack, that was founded around the same time as Mt. Augusta. The move was applauded by Loveshackian and Augustan officials alike.

Lead up to the crisis

In the earlier part of the year, the Republic of Orion had been involved in a costly insurgency in the North of the country that eventually devolved into an all-out independence war waged by the inhabitants of Clockville, a semi-autonomous neighborhood of Orion. On the 18th of March, Orionite armies launched a renewed offensive, cracked down on the armed uprising and destroyed Clockville, restoring order. The Principality of Loveshack, in response to the actions of the Republic of Orion on its citizens, entered an open state of war with Orion the next day.

On the 10th of May, shortly after the Orion security forces had finished rounding up the last Clockville secessionists, a communist uprising in the West part of the Republic spun out of control and an independent communist state, Cuba, declared independence from Orion. As fighting continued around Orion between Orionite security forces and armed rebels under the Cuban banner, the Principality of Loveshack declared support in favour of Cuba and moved their armies into Cuba to engage in a high-level proxy war against the Orionite army directly. Two weeks later, Orion forces retook Cuba and annexed it back into the Republic, winning the war and putting an end to the Orionite time of troubles. Both of these events helped to deteriorate Orion-Loveshackian relations.

The Siege

The attack and takeover of the embassy

On the morning of the 21st of May 2014, as the city of Mt Augusta was waking up to a new day, pro-Loveshack militias and members of the Loveshackian army flooded from the micronation of the Principality of Loveshack and surrounded the embassy of the Republic of Orion, located on Embassy row. The pro-Loveshack forces attacked the embassy, breaking down the locked iron doors, throwing bricks to smash the windows, jumping over the compound walls, and rushing the embassy, trapping the local embassy staff within and taking them hostage. Orionite government officials were notified of the attack, and in Orion a a respone plan started to be drafted. Back in Mt Augusta, the embassy was defaced by the pro-Loveshackian militias, and anti-Orion slogans crudely written on the walls. The embassy workers who were taken hostage were kept at the embassy.

Loveshackian control of the embassy

During the next three months, the embassy remained under Loveshackian control as neither Augustan or Orionite forces chose to engage in open combat with the occupying forces. Loveshackian militias continued to control the embassy and the area directly around it, hoisting a flag of the Principality of Loveshack.

Operation Well-Cooked

On the 13th of August 2014, Orionite forces led by Orion diplomat to Mt Augusta GTAIVisbest regained control of the Orion embassy by use of force. After a short skirmish, the Orionite Expeditionary Forces were able to re-capture the embassy compound, and began the long job of cleaning and renovating the destroyed embassy.

The Orion embassy in Mt. Augusta today

The Orionite embassy opened once more, newly renovated, opened a week later, this time with a fortified wall and a higher joint Orion-Augustan military presence. The embassy today serves as a meeting point for Orion nationals visiting or migrating to Mt. Augusta, and has helpful information about local customs and laws.