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Why do we allow CivUniverse pages on this wiki?

CivUniverse is a controversial topic to some players. The CivWiki community has decided to allow CivUniverse content not because the wiki's moderation agrees or endorses with CivUniverse's administration team or their decisions but because we aim to preserve all Civ user produced content regardless of its origin.

As we're heading towards our goal of bringing all Civ related wiki content in one domain, we already have content from CivCraft 1.0 and 2.0, Devoted (including Devoted Hell), CivEx, and CivTest. We've made no contact with CivUniverse admins, and while many players have taken actions to exile CivUniverse from the main Civ server lineage, it is still a Civ server played by Civ players. They too, just like all other Civ players, deserve to have a neutral and well-moderated platform for preserving their history.

We will be upholding the same, if not higher, standards to CivUniverse players and editors, and, as always, will be blocking people for repeated vandalism or harassment. We'd all like you to keep an open mind -- we are doing this for the Civ community as a whole, for documentation purposes, and for posterity, not for the CivUniverse admins' benefit.

Why is CivUniverse controversial?

Below are a few instances of CivUniverse's controversial actions. We are documenting this here for those who are unaware, to have context and understanding of the situation.

  • Ian_X12, the lead admin, is permanently banned from all other active Civ servers for intolerable and controversial behavior.[1][2][3]
  • When CivUniverse was founded it gave out only 2 week bans for Doxxing, which was unprecedented in the Civ community which usually permanently bans doxxing offenders. However, CivUniverse's doxxing ban length has gone up since then.
  • The administration and community are noticeably lenient with who they let into their community including those who have Doxxed routinely and used VPNs to evade bans.[4]
  • The CivUniverse community used misleading advertisements for CivUniverse using original content from other Civ servers such as CivRealms[5], CivClassic[6][7], Devoted[8], and Civcraft[9].
  • A player named Adderall allegedly created the website "" for Icenia, which was subversively used to track IPs and gain access to Icenian discord chats.[citation needed]. While the website was posted several times in CivUniverse's official discord, with Ian even recognizing it to be a sketchy site, no action was taken.


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