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The following pages are requested to be made by staff for prizes, as per our Wiki contribution competition. Please edit this page with your name for convenience (of course you will also be the page's author, but still) if you complete one or more.

[10s] <-- Bolded brackets are stamina admin bounties for a quality article that covers reasonable level of detail needed by newfriends getting to that part of the game, concisely, and with graphics as helpful.

CivRealms specific topics:

  • [10s] SportsBall
  • [15s] Siege
  • [20s] Fingerprints
  • [10s] One Time Teleport note you lose certain items, works cross shard, proper command order, no notifications
  • [40s] Custom CivRealms Physics drowning has its own page already which could be merged in, but also gravity stuff, tree felling, placing behind you, pillaring, air bubbles staying across rejoin, deep ocean restrictions in some shards on sponges and pistons and bastions, lava cooling working differently, high speed carts, etc.
  • World and Shards including world and shard layout, where you go between which ones when you die, transfer rules, randomspawn, etc. Probably this one is a Crimeo article but eh
  • Chorus Fruit (revert position mechanic), maybe better combined in some other article. Also "Can't grow chorus fruit normally" and that it comes from cacti
  • [20s] Custom Mobs angry wolves, creeper/skeleton/zombie replacement, scorpion and scarab information, custom item drops from mobs (such as skin and bones and all that), pearls from squid, squid only being in the AN, doxxer tears, etc.
  • [15s] Item Repair information about the flat cost repair mechanic and the math of how it's calculated, as well as help with what to do if it looks like the game ate your XP
  • [25s listed] Minor Special Features sheep being damaged by shearing if they don't have wool, leaf sniping, ability to use beds without explosions in the end, spawning mid-bed, emeralds giving XP directly, 5 hour days, restrictions on bedrock pistons and some redstone things per chunk, lilypads only placeable in 1 deep water, colored signs, things like this. [+bonus for things we didn't think of here]
  • [25s] Custom PVP potions, pearls changes, RNG, "CPS", armor and weapon tier information, and so on.

Bit of both:

  • [25s] Realistic Biomes combination of the main plugin but also the Realms specific parts of it (the way that yield scales with growth time is specific to Realms, so is auto-replant, and so are some regional specific crops with various custom rules including things like coffee, hops, grapes, and others. Also some descriptions of the general layout and strategy of crops and the map)
  • [25s] Bastion combination of the main plugin but also the ender portal frame mechanic specific to Realms, as well as bastion overlap rules
  • [15s] Prison Pearl combination of the main plugin but also /ffp and rules about where you can and cannot take pearls (not across shards, not outside of the footprint of non-ocean shards above you in the AN)
  • [20s] Citadel combination of the main plugin but also the Realms-specific multipliers for certain block types.

Traditional civ core plugins without special tweaks:

  • [10s] HiddenOre
  • [15s] FactoryMod (complicated but there are definitely multiple pre-existing infographics, writeups, etc) +[15s] for good visual explanation of how to navigate /fm exactly
  • [10s] Brewery (can just link to original wiki and very brief comments on our setup)
  • [10s] RailSwitch
  • [15s] WordBank
  • [15s] JukeAlert including lever activation features and mention nonstandard recipe vs other civ servers. +[15s] for quality writeup on best practices for security
  • [25s] CastleGates note that we use a nonstandard material (redstone dust not gold ingots)
  • [5s] Orebfuscator
  • [25s] Namelayer GUI and chat commands both for important things, properly explain primary owner, pitfalls, merge possibility, decay rate with inactivity... +[15s] Guide on setting up a new typical group and what settings make sense, making yourself resistant to shenanigans and people going inactive etc.
  • [15s] ItemExchange including a couple basic of the commands at least such as how to make an exchange for something you don't have at the moment, and link to main wiki for obscure shit