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New World is the official name of the expansion shard located south-west of the main world.

It spans from -28200, 1700 to -22900 7000 approximately and is the second expansion shard (after the Thomas Archipelago).


File:New world-continentnames.png
Map of the regions of the New World

The New World can be clearly separated into six regions, each with their unique climate and geography.

New Alaska

New Alaska is made of two island and is the northest point of the new world. This is where the Thoper Caves is located. They are cold islands made of cold biomes : Taiga, Taiga Hill and extremes hills. There is two major water point in the eastern island, one which holds the riven biome, and one with a frozen river. Both are surrounded by a Mega Taiga biome. The islands are really mountainous and hard to navigate.


Ainahou is a relatively flat island located to the north-west of the new World, but composed almost entirely of forest. Those biomes are forest, forest hills, and some birch firest to the south of the island. Some little extreme hills are scatered around the island. A river biome is cutting the island in two in a reverse U shape to the south, forming a peninsula.


Kingsland is located to the west of the map. The island is made o mostly of forests biomes : forest, forest hills and birch forest. A little pool of water counted as a river biome is located in the middle of the island. Kingsland also holds a National Park.


Desertia is the hot island located to the west of the map. The most of it is made of mesa and mesa plateau, but some swampland can be found around water biomes : one river to the north, and one ocean to the west. To the south, the biome change to a Sunflower plain then into forest, birch forest and forest hills. A river biome is separating Desertia from Kingsland.

New Kickylandia

New Kickylandia is made of two island with two different climate.

Volcano island

One island is a giant volcano with a lava pool in the middle of it. The lava lake is a river biome. The interior of the cratera is an extreme hill biome, and the exterior of it is a desert hill. The north peninsula is a beach biome. To the west of the peninsula, there is a tiny amount of plain biome.

East island

The island has a riven to the North of it, seperating it from Desertia, and is made only of forest, except close of water point (the long river, and some occasional lake) which is birch forest.


Crimea are the two snowy islands located to the south of the New world. They are relatively flat compared to New Alsaka, and are only made of taiga and taiga hills. There is a river in the middle of the western island which is surround by a mega taiga. There is also a lake to the west of the same island considered a river. The west island is only taiga.


Except for very short distance, the islands are separated by ocean and deep ocean. The ocean goes from the coast for up to 100 blocks roughly, then its deep ocean.

Aqua nethers

Multiple Aqua Nether portals are spread in the New World. The most dominent biome of the Aqua Nether is a Frozen Ocean.


Being the first large expansion shard, the New World sparked a lot of interest even before its release.

Before Release

From the sneak peek screenshots posted by the admins, gordona22 and Onederful figured out that the world was based on the PMC project "Epic Minecraft World 8x8k".[1] They gave this new world the name Ainahou ("new world" in Hawaiian) and created a discord[2] to exchange information about the new world as well as distribute the land to avoid conflict once the new world is released on the CivRealms server. Although several nations participated in this land distribution (such as the Imperial Federation, Sesoria, Blackwater, Otonabee, Paradise, ...), others refused to claim land before visiting it in-game (such as Norlund) or criticized that the Discord was not publicly announced and therefor all claims are invalid.

Discovery and Conquest

The shard went live on Saturday 2020-07-18 at 10am PST and was first set foot on by joadgr from Norlund.

File:Jecowa-new world-builds 2020-07-23.jpg
Builds in the New World as discovered by Jecowa as of 2020-07-23

Barbary War

The Barbary War was a five day long conflict on the New World, as a result of spiraling tensions on the mainland, namely the Great War.


The new world can be reached either :

  • By boat, which should take approximately 40 minutes
  • Using the New world rail which takes approximately 37 minutes.