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Lokilog standing in front of the Batavian castle in CivClassics.
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForProducing the CivClassics political map, making Civball art
Main ResidenceOdresh
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerDevoted 3.0
Iterations played on
  • Devoted 3.0
  • TheRealmsMC
  • CivClassic
  • CivRealms

lokilog joined civ in late 2016, on Devoted 3.0. As of May 2020, he is the High Justice of Odresh, a nation in the Thomas Archipelago.



lokilog originally joined civ in Devoted 3.0, where he settled in Mount Augusta. Here, he met Crusher6581, who later invited him to join the his nation of Odresh to the north. Here, the two of them worked to build the nation, though this did not go well as they were both newfriends. Later, when Devoted shut down, they moved to TheRealmsMC, and founded another short-lived Odreshi nation. Here, they became friendly with Hokkaido, with which they merged together when Realms shut down to form Okashima. lokilog made his residence here and served a term as the Minister of Culture, but once again split off as the nation became inactive, recreating Odresh with other former citizens. Here, he served multiple terms as the F.A.R., Odresh's leader. After getting involved with the Odresh-Phylon Conflict, he went inactive in early 2019. For the next nine months, he fell in and out of activity, and then returned for a more stable presence in December 2019. In February 2020, he began work as the primary architect of Odresh's new capital city, Entura. As CivClassics slowly became less and less active, he and Crusher moved to CivRealms to begin establishing an Odreshi presence there, where they created a town on the Thomas Archipelago to be the capital of a new Odresh.

Citizenship and Govt. Offices

Devoted 3.0:

  • Mount Augusta
  • Odresh


  • Odresh


  • Okashima (Minister of Culture - 1 term)
  • Odresh (F.A.R. - 3 terms, Lt. F.A.R. - 1 term, Lt. Governor - 2 terms)
  • Yoahtl


  • Odresh (High Justice)


  • The most common pronunciation of lokilog is 'low-key-log'. However, the intended pronunciation is 'low-key-low-g'.
  • lokilog and Crusher6581 have consistently worked together since they met in Devoted 3.0 to form the various iterations of Odresh
  • Despite playing civ for three years and Minecraft for much longer, lokilog continues to use the default Steve skin.