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In Civcraft times, there was a central Mumble server that was used for most of the international communication. Nowadays each nation has their own Discord server. This page attempts to connect all people of CivRealms together again.

Civ Discords sortable table
Name Category Invite Members
CivRealms Official Discord Official 1913
CivCorp Nation 535
Alexandria Nation 412
Norlund Nation 382
Varathia Nation 346
Mount Augusta Nation 317
Carbon Nation 269
Savaguard Nation 259
Industrial Workers of the World Nation 238
Cantina Nation 237
Moloka Nation 188
Bremerhaven Nation 106
Otonabee Nation 105
Yamato Nation 102
CivRealms Brewers Guild Organization 101
Anvard Nation 95
Bobanga Nation 88
Imperial Federation Nation 81
Library Association Organization 80
Cartographer's Guild Organization 75
Accelerada Nation 64
Zexenia Settlement 54
I.C.O.R. Nation 51
Odresh Nation 35
New Achroma / NSPV Settlement, Organization 33
Vexillologist's Guild Organization 18
Unofficial CivRealms Wiki Other Discord for organizing this wiki
Jotunheim Nation (?)
Georgia Nation (?)
United Republic (Unitas) Nation (defunct) 57
Veria Settlement (?)
The Coalition Organization (?)
Flammenwerfer Club Organization (?)
International Cultural Preservation Association Organization ?
Laconia Nation ?

Note : If you do not wish for your discord to be included use Talk:Discord Servers (Alternatively, change invite perms and revoke old invites)