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Citadel is a plugin that allows to reinforce placed blocks. Reinforcing a block cost resource, but the block is much harder to break. It depends highly of the plugin Namelayer.


Citadel allows to reinforce blocks. Reinforced blocks are blocks that have to be broken multiple time in order to be definitely broken. When breaking a reinforced blocked, the block will reappear, small particle will appear around it, and the reinforcement will be damaged. Once the block has been broken enough times, depending on the reinforcement material, it will loot like a normal block. The number of time a block as to be broken depends of the strength of the reinforcement. The reinforcement is effective at the end of the maturation time in minutes. Multiple player can break the same block at the same time to be more efficient.

An obsidian block being reinforced
Reinforcement values
Reinforcement material Strength Maturation
Stone 100 10
Iron 750 60
Diamond 3000 600
Bedrock 3000000 5

Interaction with name layer

Blocks are reinforced under certain groups that are managed by Namelayer. The right to interact with certain blocks can depend of the permission in the namelayer. By default, members can interact with blocks that are reinforced under there group (open doors, or chest) but cannot reinforce or break item under their group name. Mods or higher of a group can reinforce and bypass reinforcement.

Useful commands

  • /ctb to enable bypass mode, which means breaking blocks in one hit if the player have the right permissions.
  • /cti to enable information mode, which allows to see Citadel information of a block when hitting it.
  • /ctr to enter reinforcement mode, which allows to hit blocks with a reinforcement item in hand to reinforce it.
  • /ctf while holding a reinforcement material. All blocks placed by the player will be reinforced until the item is depleted in the hotbar or the command is written again.

Acid block

It is possible to destroy reinforced block with acid blocks. The acid blocks are gold blocks. In order to acid a block, the player has to place a gold block under it, and reinforce it with the same reinforcement type as the block that needs to be destroyed. After the maturation time, the player must look at the gold block and type /ctacid. The gold block will be recovered, but not the reinforcement material.

Reinforcment material Acid Maturation
Iron 480
Diamond 2160
Bedrock 5