Chanseatic State

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Chanseatic State
Location8482, -7027
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityPalmyria
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Motto"Toxic since October 2003"

The Chanseatic State was a Channer nation in CivClassics located in the Northeast. It occupied a large territory close to the map border. The capital and largest city was Palmyra; the other notable settlement was Vanhoover. More settlements were planned to be incorporated after Karadzic initiated a recruitment drive.[needs update]

The nation was dissolved and its territory became occupied by several non-Channer states.



The largest, and capital city of the Chanseatic State, it is now owned by Mir in the territory of North Mir.


A port city located in the far north of the map. Renamed to "Port Mason" by an enterprising newfriend, but since abandoned.


CWCville came about after the dimensional merge which occurred on Civclassics. Sonichu and Rosechu live there, along which Chris Chan Sonichu. It's chief enemy is Clyde Cash and Mary Walsh who both live in Mount September.


Not originally part of the Chanseatic State, Valhalla used to be an independent nation.

New Jerusalem

Like Valhalla, New Jerusalem also used to be an independent nation


Formerly independent, Polestine had a notorious rivarly with New Jerusalem pre-annexation