Builders Society

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The group opened to act as a successor group of the Order of St Marcus because The Order didn't continue operating on CivRealms.

The objective of this group is to share builds, get ranked for each build you make and act as a community of builders.

Builders Society
Builders of The World
Foundation date26th September 2020
Preceded byOrder of St Marcus


In the Society members gain points for each build they make and when they reach a certain amount of points they get a rank.

Ranks (based on score/rating)
Rank Points
Apprentice 0
Mason 25
Guardian 100
Master Guardian 250
Legend 500
Master Architect 1000
A house by ElementKZ in Sesoria

The ranks are made for honor but some ranks should act as certain role:

  • The Guardian members should act as guardians of new guild members and help them.
  • The Master Guardians members should act as guardians of the guild and gain the ability to choose score for buildings.


The group became inactive a few days after its foundation.