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Mir is a country located at the Eastern edge of the Civcraft server, although it has fortresses in Hallow, HJE and Rhodesia.

The Twenty Third Mirian Star Empire
Capital cityXP Land
GovernmentCouncil of Winners
Foundation dateEarly 2016
Motto"Write me up for 125"
We are warriors born from the light. An army of freedom, defenders of life.
—  Mir

Beyond the sands of time deep within the realm of the mind there was a land where life and death were ruled by steel. Out of this land five conquering heroes arose to make their stand. Together they were Mir.

Borne off the back of the War on Titan on the now defunct Civcraft Server, Mir was one of the last great nations. There were three founding members, Lysika_Lantariel (Eagle Crew, HCF Leader re. America invasion, Forsaken leader, Evil Empire), Jakemeister123 (America, Vale, Forsaken leader) and Snorriandgotrekt (Vale Leader, Tacitum Leader, Nexus Leader (civcraft and civex)).

Mir had later members, which included Jpegz (NDZ Leader), Talydaria (Eagle Crew, Fluffy Kitties), Hero (Foreign Exchange Student), MKCoates (Vale Leader and People's Champion), Ben (Mission Control), Malen (Silly Snakes), Strattmat (Vale), iS4nta (Meta Leader, Volterran senate, Irithyl Leader), Gregy165 (Meta, Volterran senate, Irithyl Leader), Roboninja (Meta, Volterran Senate, Irithyll) xParasitic (World of Ships admiral, Volterra), Mickale (Leader of: Anubis, Victoria, Volterra, Irithyl, Varkonia), Diablo - Lord of Destruction, theJKH (SOL/Lunasol leader, (leaderof)Estra, darkempire, Nyx leader, volterran senate), Punctuation (Uguu, Volterran senate) Coni_S2 (AEGIS, Veritas (Leader), New Veritas (Leader)), Walkers (AEGIS (Leader), Veritas, New Veritas (Leader)), Magier (AEGIS), TheOGFormula (Veritas, New Veritas), Joedanger (you laggin), Mtndew98 (Leader of the Covenant), Lunar, The Backstreet Boys, and many other various part time band members. 

Most nations feature many times more players leading to unwieldy and contrived government types, ineffficient allocation of resources, split goals and liablities in war. Most nations have players of a far lower calibre. Everyone in Mir can pvp, everyone in Mir can think for themselves - any one of them could go out and lead a succesful town, indeed most of them came from just that. As such Mir does not have a government. In a sense it is an ancap nation where each member has individually reached the conclusion that wealth sharing and common public goals are the key to success. Mir is an isolationist power nation happiest when left alone to build and develop. In order to understand Mir some history is required as these past moments truly defined its character.   

Creation Myth

The skys parted one day and from the Heavens descended a saintly winged creature. Adorned with golden flame and fire, his kaleidoscope eyes burning fierce, the otherworldly figure introduced himself as MKCoates, Champion of the People and Harbinger of Truth, Justice and the Seven Ideals of the FarLands of Vale. He commanded Lysika_Lantariel to found a new nation. A nation that would uphold the values idealised by the common folk as Vale and Nexus before had once done. A Nation that people could look up to with bright shining trust in their eyes, with a hope, nay an expectation that glory and salvation would surely come forth.

"It shall be called Mir,"

and so it was.

Apocalypse Myth

It is the year 2101 AD. The world is a barren land devoid of sand, dirt or grass. A bare wasteland of stone punctuated by massive obsidian pits of despair known to survivors only as "Spikes", their original function long since lost to time. These Spikes are the bastions of regional Warlords, cruel men allegedly descended from strange demons known as "Zoomers". In some parts Warlords have formed alliances in an attempt to survive but these are usually short lived, the attention spans of the Warlords insufficient. The two largest alliances are NEATO and Hat Stand who have been fighting each other in the Mire War for three centuries.

Diamonds have long since been lost to legend and emeralds are increasingly scarce after the Great Enchantment, a misguided attempt to harness mystical forces and return to Topintoe, a forgotten utopia. Trade is rare and the currency is denominated in memes and in-jokes, however, the latter are particular to each individual "Spike" complicating trade. Perhaps one group who have benefited from the collapse are the mysterious wanderers known as Forex Traders led by their enigmatic leader, Nigel. Staple crops no longer exist outside of item frames, indeed, there would be nowhere to grow them even if the seeds existed in larger quantities. Instead minemen thrive on more wholesome sustenance such as Brescuits, a hard tack made from belief and a can do attitude.

On dark nights in one of the many caves clandestine groups of survivors will take shelter and recount stories and legends of the past. Tales of glory, heroism, incredible sacrifice and great artists. A time when men were heroes, women were usually men and the colour teal could be worn without offence. One story stands out and is told more often. It is the story of the Vault Breakers, mystical heroes who flew in the sky wielding runes and Demic Acheivement. Led by a man known as Gordon their successes were uncountable, their exploits legendary. Inevitably a curious child, imagination piqued, will ask "What happened to the Vault Breakers?". Nobody knows. Some say they were all killed, others imply that like all minemen they simply died of old age. However, all legoes agree that a time will come when a hero will emerge and overthrow the Warlords, destroying the Spikes in the process. To his friends he will be called "Trevie" but to men he is The Last Vault Breaker.

Euphoria will rise. Returning from darkness we bury all lies

—  Mir

The Lands of Mir


The majority of the Mirian claim extends from the Eastern world border where their vault, Sanctaphrax resides. To the north are the grassy plains of what was once Anguish, before it fell to Mir and the Western Alliance in the Somber War. To the South extends the massive Morbidden Desert, the South Sea and the Pirate Isles. Along the western borders the great Barrier Hills present a natural obstacle to any wandering hordes.

More recently the Chanseatic State ceded all land to Mir initiating the creation of North Mir. North Mir is full of natural resources and often considered the untapped jewel of the Mirian Empire - it contains a great variety of biomes not found in the homogenous Mir proper and the world's largest source of dry sand can be found in the western portion of it. A single fortification exists in these parts, the ruined city of Palymra, built the Chanadian people of old. It was heavily griefed and covered in obsidian by members of Tel-Aviv during one of their regional conflicts.

Land Policy

Mir has always maintained the right to a buffer zone - undeveloped land claimed by them to add distance between key infrastructure and any neighbours, increasing the difficulty of any assault on Mirian settlements. Requests for land claimed by Mir that is driven by a genuine need will be considered and often granted. It is not the intention of Mir to stifle newer players, merely to thwart the many and varied attempts at trouble making instigated by older more established players.

Lands of Mir Foreigner Laws

The following applies to everyone except for members of the Lands of Mir:

- No one is allowed in the Lands of Mir without permission from a member of Mir.[1]

- No one is allowed to snitch/homestead or otherwise place and/or remove/destroy blocks in the Lands of Mir.

- By entering the Lands of Mir you forfeit all rights and may be subject to any penalty.[1]

- Raiding alts will be held until their mains are revealed at which point they will be sentenced[2]

- Bounty Hunting or removing a pearl from the Lands of Mir is not allowed.

- Individual towns or provinces will have further laws. Please familiarise yourself with them prior to entry to avoid incidents.

[1]Practical Interpretation of this: Feel free to ignore it - most people can, but if you shit stir or are the wrong person (by our definition) don't complain later.

Heroes of Mir

Mir is famed for its many exceptionally skilled craftsmen, many even of Wakandan descent. Learned in the ancient arts of the forge, the pen and the shitpost; emissaries, traders and randomers from all nations make the long journey to Mir's stone halls to seek their expertise or purchase their wares such is their renown. The main industries of Mir are emeralds, mined from the deep mines and processed multiple times, producing a far superior product, swords and armour forged from the shards of faeries, their fallen souls repurpsed into unbreakable metal and tools for the hardiest delver or most adventurous of spelunkers. A few Mirian craftsman are so renown, and stand above even the other Mirians that a note is made here to sufficiently celebrate their prowess.

Legends of the Star Empire

Legends of the Star Empire
No. Image Name Notes
Gregor the Smith
Gregor the Smith Also known as Gregor, King under the Mountain and The Black Panther, Gregor is the founder and ruler of Wakanda. However, perhaps within Mir he is most renown for his skill at the forge. Indeed visitors often remark, upon entering the stone halls, on the thundering from the far depths below - the unending work of Gregor the Smith. Unbreakable armours, boots that slip through liquids, swords that can never miss, helmets of protection and chests of thorns - such wonders are all crafted by his hand alone. Rumour and gossip mills claim that his abilities, which some consider unnatural, stem from his possession of Baranur - the ring of earth. However, in August's edition of Mall Cop a candid interview with Gregor revealed that in fact he was taught his art by Greyvax, the legendary Beyonder. We're not quite sure which explanation is true, but we are happy to have him around.
Para, The Edge Delver
Para the Edge Delver Far far below the surface of those fair Mirian lands Para the Edge Delver can often be found. The highest quality ores and diamonds are found deep down below. Only Para truely understands the natural harmonies of the land. Using laylines found between the mid-shins he has a singular ability to locate priceless gems that many an experienced miner would have passed by considering the rock to be barren. His secret knowledge of the laylines is a closely guarded secret but at every passing of Haley's comet it is said he takes an apprentice under his wing. In this way he taught Gregor the Smith the art of delving and the secrets of the underdark. In recent years Para the Edge Delver has developed his nautical side counting close to zero.
Mark the Moderate, Champion of Mir
Mark the Moderate The most fearsome warrior of Mir and able to match the Black Panther in singular combat, Mark the Moderator is a master of the art of war. Supposedly he stands seven lanky feet tall with jet black hair cut short, his youthful face accented by a twirled moustache and a proud jaw straddling beard. He uses only the finest wax. In his barracks beyond the world border he holds classes and teaches the willing of Mir. Many outsiders from lesser nations who wish to learn from this walking Legend do travel to Mir and submit to him, offering their servitude in exchange for but a fraction of the knowledge he holds. Whilst other Mirians were mining and making Mir great he studied the blade. When the sky is dark and lightning cracks the sky huddled Mirians in dark corners whisper to themselves WWMD, What would Mark do? Legend has it that if you repeat this three times Mark himself will appear and show you how to Morris dance.
Enmenkar the Greenhand, First Emerald Delver of Mir
Enmenkar the Greenhand Enmenkar the Greenhand, the Emerald delver and first of the green lords of Ruin is exalted above all others for discovering the art of tertiary emerald shaping centuries ahead of other nations. Indeed the Mirian currency shows his minecraft skin and annual budgets are marked with his seal. It is said that the Seven Lords of Hjaltlad, Five Kings of Forgotten Lands and the Queen of Lexington came to honour him in exchange for the secret art of emerald shaping. He willingly taught them the ancient arts only for the Queen to later betray his trust.

Despite his scholarly leanings Enmenkar holds a dark secret. Beneath that gentle smile and soft mooing an unexpected anger lies dormant. It is said that only single combat will provoke it to erupt but when it does the results are devastating. Desks are smashed, microphones broken, screens caved in and windows shattered. Once during the NEATO wars of old the might Enmenkar stormed a skybunker from the ground up, pillaring into the heavens above. Upon reaching the pinacle he found a need to return to the artifical pond far below. He jumped, yet unbeknowst to him several Mirmaids had decided to boat in the pond. Enmenkar impacted the boats at terminal velocity killing himself and destroying his desk in the ensuring rage.

Epicus, First Lord of Technology
Epicus, The First Lord of Technology Epicus, First Lord of Technology and the Keeper of the Seven Keys, was one of the last Mirians to return from stoney slumber in the Silent Halls. Upon his awakening the very stone quaked in fear, grass cowered and trees wilted - no doubt his arrival would herald the return of the Autobots and Machine Men of Mir, cruel emotionless constructs created for the sole purpose of solidifying the Mirian hegemony. Up above in the void realms, looking down on civclassics, long since dormant metal constructs sensed the return of a Mission Controller and whirred to life, their electric eyes gleaming with false life for Epicus' power is that of machines. It is said that upon his return the Mirian Empire underwent an immediate twenty second industrial revolution and gross product quadrupled.

After establishing his new home, Mission Control 2.0, Epicus set about uploading the Mirian conscience to the cloud. The Mirians welcomed the metal age and singularity. Now safe from physical harm they extend their will upon the server through the Interpol client and an army of bots. It is said that when an ordinary mineman operates said client whispers can be heard, strange mutterings and often heard commands to kill or "dewit". Some have even heard a high pitched cry of "loot!". It is therefore strongly advised that only the strongest, the bravest, the true believers take upon themselves the mantle and gift of Epicus, First Lord of Technology.

Walkers the Skywalker
Walkers, The Skywalker Easily recognised by his massive sword and so named for his ability to break vault bastions merely by bridging out across the void Walkers the Skywalker is also one of the canniest knights of Mir. Just don't call him chicken. Legend has it that Disney tried to commit an act of character assassination on him but the public backlash was so great that they retconned an entire third of a trilogy in order to ensure Skywalker's continued rise. Needless to say, Skywalker has done a great many things and is expected to continue doing so. His only weakness is his faith in his friends.

More recently Walker's reputation has been tarnished by alledged acts of aggression in the Kingdom of Mt Augusta. In fact it was there in Mt Augusta that he took on his moniker Wheelers. According to legend Citylion was so badly battle bruised by Walker's elusive sideways style pvp that he had to be wheeled away in a chair, hence Walkers becoming Wheelers. Many Mt Augustans have seen been inspired by Walker's bold statement against the mayor and Lionic authority and have begun walking around Mt Augusta, dedicated savants they are famed for their inability to run for a train or bus.

Conisford the Artist
Consiford the Artist Perhaps most renown for being the brunt of much of the server's hate and indeed much of Devoted's too Conisford the Artist was one of the second wave of Mirians, joining with Enmenkar and Walkers. Showing incredible dedication and a fascination for the colour puple Conisford built much of XP Land, the Mirian capital. After being repeatedly doxxed by big dogs and Blue Sylvaer, the then leader of Hjaltland, she quit.


XP Land

The Mirian Capital is called XP land. It does not function as a normal city but rather as a large factory complex - and the largest non vault fortification on the server. Sitting astride a desert and plains biome it contains all the farms necessary for daily runs of T3 XP. The land itself has been purged, clad in an obsidian skin in place of grass and sand. Surrounded on all sides by the largest bedrock moat ever dug (2.6km) and dotted by many bunkers, sky bunkers and traps it is one of the safer places on the server. It's construction was motivated by constant paranoia and the neighbour, Anguish, being a mere 1km to the north. Mir required a place they could afk and produce xp during a war without any chance of being pearled. It is also concealed from the global map. Within the warren of tunnels beneath the surface there are no homes, only factories, storage and tens of obsidian foundries for hard working mirians to toil away inside, producing more obsidian for more fortifications and tunnels.

Mir has always maintained that it wishes to build a town. Unfortunately with Anguish settling so close to it and the server's political instability they never found time to do so. Hence the preponderance of fortifications.

Mega Vault 1 (Sanctaphrax)

Sanctaphrax is the server's largest vault, situated on the Eastern World Border, next to XP Land. It is so large that Mirians have begun building homes within it and some have gone feral, assaulting teams of vault diggers with cries of "proof" and "do work". For the brave few who do reach the center the journey has only just begun.

Mega Vault 2

The second largest vault on the server by ring count this was built in Mir as a vanity project for a private citizen.

Mega Vault 3

The fourth largest vault on the server by ring count. This vault was once considered 'the strongest vault on the server'.

Mega Vault 4

A twinkle in gregy's eye.


The land of Ruin lies immediately to the North of Mir. It was once an untarnished plains biome. Now the land is scarred with ruined palaces and towers - remnants of the nation of Anguish that once sided with the forces of darkness against the Mirian Star Empire. It also holds what was once "the strongest vault on the server". Since the war Mir has constructed various fortifications and cleaned up some of the griefed land. It should be noted that it is a no go zone. Anyone caught in this area would be subject to the highest penalties.


The actual Mirian city, a collaborative effort built in the art deco style punctuated by Mickale's sandstone phallus.

The Pirate Isles

Deep within the Pirate Isles lies a secluded cove and the town of Port Royale. Here those Mirians who have abandoned the law and common decency in exchange for alcohol and late night pvp gather. They can be found carousing in the World's End tavern, selling their wares within the marketplace or lying against a barrel in a drunken stupor. Fair warning to all who stumble upon this hive of scum and villany - it is a restricted zone and will no doubt result in them being sent to the Brig for a considerable length of time. However, if you are the swashbuckling type and know how to click accurately one of the Mirian Pirate Crews may take you in.


Located around of Mir (Mir is a part of Wakanda), Wakanda can be difficult to locate on the map due to its advanced redstone technology. Supposedly it can be accessed through a wardrobe in the Mirian Vault's Skybunker. Home to King Gregor the Great, Black Panther and King under the Mountain it stands singularly above all other nations. Legend has it that when darkness returns once more unto the land the forces of Wakanda will walk alongside the free folk of Civclassics and into glory march.

Wakanda was built in a time before time, long before the first sparks of light shone forth on the world of Civcraft. A traveller from Africa, Gregor passed through the yet unformed wilderness and thought it a good place to make his own. Shaping the land from thought and mind his imagination wove a reality of a singular kind. A fine tapestry forming fair fields of wheat and carrot, towering mountains of stone and snow and mighty oceans blue and sinking ever deep, far below. Upon the tallest rocky spire he made his home and beneath it the first halls of the Mountain Men were carved.

The world was young, the mountains green

No stain yet on the moon was seen

No words were laid on stream or stone

When Gregor woke and walked alone

—  Song of Gregor


The trve believers may take a seat.
The falses must leave the hall.
— The Mirian Way


Mir's government is generally considered to be a council of friends. The reality is somewhere between a technocracy, direct democracy and hivemind guided by a cult of many personalities (this is especially true of the Volterran ascendants within Mir). Internally, when planning projects those with the expertise take the lead no matter their social or formal standing within the group. We recognise our own ignorance and welcome new or old members to take the initiative. For matters of foreign policy issues are discussed by all internal stakeholders and are voted on.


The only set of written laws in Mir are the Lands of Mir Foreigner Laws. This is a reaction to the mid-late Civcraft 2.0 era where laws and rules were bent, loop holes sought and e-lawyering proliferated. Internally none of this was a problem, externally policies such as the buffer zone and Foreigner Laws were enacted.

Foreign Relations

Mir maintains no formal relations with any nation on Civclassics and is not considered a 'World Policing' nation according to the 'Perception of Prominent Nations' Survey. In times when the server has been threatened (in every iteration of Civcraft) Mir has stepped forward to fight the good fight.

If your nation is interested in joining the Mirian Star Empire and is located suitably near Mir proper then we may consider your requests for annexation.

The Mirian Aggricultural Corps

Known to outsiders as "Tea Drinkers" the reputation of the Mirian Aggricultural Corps is known far and wide. Indeed their reputation is such that leaders of FRIENDS nations have been known to burn the contents of their bunkers at first sight of a tea drinking patrol, such is their fear of modern farming prot farming practices. Amongst the more civilised circles found within Mir they are known as Farmers or, in some less developed parts of the Pirate Isles, Hedge Wizards (note this is usually considered derogatory in Northern Mir).


Pre CivClassics (Abridged)

To understand the context and origins surrounding the formation of Mir read events from Civcraft.

Mir was a contrarian nation, doing what it felt was best for itself, and occasionally others - though not to the extent of the World Police. This gave it a warmongering reputation, perhaps most notably because of the Mir-Chanada war which was started by Mir building in an isolated part of Chanada for several months before being discovered. Infamously, Mir scorned all attempts at sub-reddit pvp and shitposted their way through the war, resulting in images such as the following pictures. Chanada, Nox, SPQR and various unaffiliated pvp'ers attempted to remove Mir's town. Pitched 6v20 battles occurred but no Mirians were ever pearled. Eventually the attackers gave up and Mir left the land on their own terms. Later in a confessions thread Lysika Lantariel admitted to starting the war purely to rekindle interest in civcraft amongst the members of Mir. This war perhaps summed up the spirit of Mir and defined them in the eyes of the rest of the server. Yet there was more to come.

After the Mir-Chanada war, Chanada fell apart with some of its leadership fearing retaliation from an unharmed Mir, indeed the general Chanadian consensus is that the war was devastating for them. However, Nox, the nation which provided Chanada with much of its pvp force had escaped the war completely unharmed. The leadership of Mir set about manipulating the world police into starting a war with Nox. This did not require much effort and soon a world war started, with unlikely allies found in Mt. Augusta (Aegis). After three long months Nox was entirely destroyed, it's leadership banned for duping, vpn'ing, hacking and doxxing. Mir, Aegis and the World Police were triumphant and the server was ready to die.     

Yet during all this warring and scheming Mir was perhaps more famous for its grand designs. Home to the two best builders on the server, Lysika_Lantariel and MKCoates (and indeed at one point the third best too, Jezzaindahouse) vast wonders were planned and some even constructed. Perhaps most notable were the Forsaken Ice Castle and their town during the Mir-Chanada War. Not to mention the largest vault on the server, Sanctaphrax, a 51 layer ring vault. Wherever Mir goes no doubt it will have a grand design waiting to surpass all others. Indeed building has always been their priority. It is what they do.

CivClassics: Starting Up

After a hiatus following the end of Civcraft 2.0 Mir has reformed and took to the stars to forge the illustrious Thirteenth Mirian Star Empire. As is usual for Mir, they took a cautious approach using alts, settling down at the morbidden plains founding ancient and old Charonby the second day. After securing the world border they learned they had neighbors to the north, Anguish, when one of their leaders, Daffney, also laid claim to the world border. Naturally "Charon" would not give up one of the main reasons for locating where they did and so with utter haste they constructed a town, solidified the border, and gave Anguish a stern talking to. Daffney retracted the Anguish claim and went back north. However, this brief interaction would foreshadow the gradual increasing tension between the two groups which ultimately would end in war.

Mir has never lost a fighting war, and its members have the most victories, successful vault breaks, and wars won under their belt than any other group. Naturally, they began construction of experience infrastructure and trenches early on, preparing for the inevitable conflict with Anguish and Lexington. Their Charonic identities remained secret for an unforeseen and frankly absurd amount of time. Quick tip - when your neighbors spiked the world border, dug bedrock trenches and showed up to snitch hits with 40 men in prot, they may not be newfriends. Mir soon reached the end of the XP tech tree only to find it broken - no one else had advanced that far. It was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.. Once the trenches around 'XP Land' were complete, Charon turned into something new, something old, something borrowed, something purple. The Infinite and everlasting thirteenth Mirian Star Empire of countless stars and planets.

Civclassics: The Somber War

All of this was brought upon us in a single day. Night fell on a different world. A world where freedom itself was under attack. Mirians had many questions tonight.
Mirians were asking, who attacked our allies? The evidence we have gathered all points to a collection of loosely affiliated shitter organisations called Nox.

—  Mirian Announcement

Elsewhere in the world tensions began to rise between Lexington, The Commonwealth and Hjaltland. Unfortunately Anguish, the nation directly north of Mir, was destined to side with Lexington. Perhaps it was inevitable - perhaps not. They may have been pushed by certain members of Hjaltland scouting their territory. Massive fortifications were constructed by both Anguish and Mir in preparation for the eventual conflict. To put things in to perspective, most nations consider a single bedrock moat a significant undertaking. At this point Mir had constructed a 1.6km bedrock moat around their entire xp infrastructure and was fully bastioned. Trust based surveys with Lexington and Hjaltland leadership at the time indicated Mir had produced almost twice as many bastions as either of the group. With the mounting tensions Anguish began construction of their own Grand Moat. Planned to encompass their entire nation it would have been similarly massive though they only ended up digging 300m of the south side - and not bastioning it. Instead they focused on their vault situated north of their town along the diagonal world border. Aware of this growing vault Mir finally invested heavily in its own cardinal world border site. Bringing with them several years of vault building knowledge, Mir constructed a WB vault of fairly ridiculous proportions. Most top tier vaults have around 15 effective rings. Mir's had 30 (later expanded to 50+) along with a further 1km of perimeter bedrock moat dug some distance around it. In addition to these larger fortifications multitudes of sky bunkers were built around Mir.

As the prophecy foretold, the League of Evil (Nox/Lexington) dropped double-chests of illegitimate obsidian on the free and proud folk of The Commonwealth. Unfortunately members of Anguish on "secret" alts were identified taking part in these raids. The heroes of Mir assembled, and the very next day launched a joint attack with Hjaltland on the strongest vault on the server, where they built a long bridge of friendship. The attack was a success and the town of Anguish was sacked, deserted and their vault broken. Declaration of the Defeat of Anguish

After several months of war elsewhere in the world (mostly Lexington city) various members of Anguish and Lexington moved into the ruined vault and reactivated the defences. Over a period of a month or two they launched daily attacks on northern Mir. One fortification opposed them - the outermost moat. Despite literally months of early morning attacks against this they were never able to break it. In fact, thanks to the efforts of heroes like Coni_S2, Shapha and many others the moat grew stronger - advancing north towards Anguish chunk by chunk, an inexorable, primal force of nature aimed at the Anguish vault. Eventually key members of the Anguish/Lexington attack force were pearled in their attacks on the moat. Then advances in vault breaking technology, originating in Hjatland, allowed a second attack on the Anguish vault which steamrolled through the defences crushing Anguish in half a day - for a second and final time. The war continued far away in the northern world border vault of Lexington for another quarter of a year but the Anguish part was well and truly over. Some members of Anguish betrayed their town handing over groups to Mir in exchange for leniency/condemnation of Anguish's actions against The Commonwealth. Much later an official and legitimate passing of groups to Mir would occur as part of the reparations process. The war ended long ago - the members of Anguish who took part have served their time and moved on, living elsewhere. The land that was once Anguish is now Mir, albeit littered with the scars of war - ruins of a once fair town.

The Rise of Pax Mir

Following the defeat of Lexington the server entered a quite period of ~ 4 months whilst the remnants of the losers formed new nations or joined quasi HCF lite style nations. Very little in the way of international conflict occurred, until the nation of Vitelia was announced. This was a nation formed of ex-Lexington players intermixed with some random newfriends. They chose to build in the +,+, on Mir's southern border. They were back by the FRIENDS alliance. It soon became apparent that Vitelians were alt raiding their weaker neighbours and harbouring some of the more serious offenders from the Lexington war such as John3112 and war seemed inevitable. The attack on the Vitelia vault would be the first step in a series that would springboard Mir from a powerful but distant power nation in the East to becoming the undisputed Masters of the Universe. These events would later become known in Mirian circles as the The Great Crusade.

Pax Mir - Mirian Peace

Annexing Vitelia

The annexation of Vitelia took place on 6th January 2019 and was formed of a coalition of Mirians, Hjaltlads, Vinlandic men at arms, Good Folk of the West and much of the +,+ region. This will focus on the Mirian side of events. That morning the forces of good began construction of a skybridge of less than 2.4km in length, triggering Rhodesia's sky bridge alarm. Fortunately for the attackers Capri the Elsewhere had given his pearl in but a week before, in recognition of his heinous crimes against the Southshire Prefecture. Due to this the attackers were able to bridge safely to the Vitelia vault. Upon arriving, Walkers the Skywalker fearlessly bridged out into the void above the darkened abyss, sword in hand - hot mic in the other. To his surprise his advance was unimpeded - the vault bastions had failed before his mighty advance! Sir Gregor the Brave quickly joined him, and bridge advanced until it was above the skybunker itself.

"Unto the breach" cried Sir Gregor the Brave, jumping. The rest followed after and immediately began preparing vertical teleportation carts, secondary skybridges and their next shitposts on reddit. In a matter of minutes the vault was theirs and not a single drop of blood had been shed. Such was the aura of fear put forward by the Grand Alliance - none did dare stand against them. The Vitellian host had been crushed in an absolute victory.

Later that day Sir Gregor the Brave struck valiantly against another bastion of evil - the pinkerton bunker which had long been used by the forces of Up to no Good. However, his attempts were thwarted by Thomisah the Misguided who did lay about him. Gregor chose not to crush Thomisah for his insolence and instead turned the other cheek, running off into the misty moonlight, a greg in the fog. To this day the people of Pinkerton whisper stories of wonder and awe about the day Sir Gregor came to their small corner of the world. Legend has it that Gregor will once again descend from his Throne in Mir and free the common folk, though from what the stories do not say.

The Shadow Rising

After the fall of Vitelia the FRIENDS alliance fell apart. Rhoedesian leadership attempted to ddos the server and were promptly banned. FRIENDS was almost instantly replaced by "NATO", an identical alliance less Rhodesia and led by Hantzu instead of ComradeNick. Meanwhile the Mirian Expeditionary Force resolved to remove the Rhodesian infrastructure in and around Mt. Augusta as it had repeatedly been used to harbour vpn alt raiders, cheaters and other low lifes. The attack and removal of the first Rhodesian bunker prompted a massive response from Hallow - a nation supposedly not allied with Rhodesia. Hantzu, the leader of Rhodesia took upon himself the mantle of world police and led nine solders into Mt. Augusta where they griefed the Mirian Embassy, removing the surface portion entirely. Such an attack was completely unexpected and public outrage abounded. Fighting broke out in the streets of MTA between the Mirian Expeditionary Force and "NATO" members. Nobody died but tensions escalated further.

The next day the Mirian forces prepared a gravel trap on the Great Overland Railway. Baited by EZ2Clutch the Hallow forces chased him to the trap and Hallow man at arms Hangoved fell into it and was pearled. This prompted a massive reality check for the Hallow forces and their allies. Had they bitten off more than they could chew after losing an 8 versus 1 fight? Hangoverd's main allegiance was to the town of Tel Aviv which promptly completely and utterly disassociated with Hallow, ending any further involvement in the war. It is said that Hantzu's reaction to the pearling was extraordinary. He accused almost every major group of conspiring against him, The Commonwealth, Hjaltland, SATO and even BGGBA who had been pearled for many months at this point. He refused to believe he'd been both baited and outsmarted by the Mirian Expeditionary Force led by The 'Whiskeyjack' JKH. Hantzu confronted the Hjaltland leader Bluesylvaer, hypocritically accusing him of helping raiders and cheaters, the ensuing argument was heated. In the end Hantzu released proof of Bluesylvaer doxxing Coni_S2 - a leader of Mir.

The next day the Mirian Expeditionary Force disabled the second last Hallow bunker with no resistance. Then the day after they captured the Pinkerton bunker meaning Hallow no longer had any defensive installations in the area. They also pearled Centi, a key member of the Hallow fighting force, prompting massive uproar and loss of morale in the Hallow discord.

The Shadow Lands

A week passed and there was no sign of Hallow forces in MTA. The evil had been vanquished from the immediate area. The Mirian Council of Book Gods determined that the next course of action was to take the war to the shadow lands, Hallow and Columbia proper. Logistics were organised, troops moved and infrastructure built. The next stage of the war began with an attack on Columbia's capital by Mir Team Six. Facing no resistance they disabled and sacked the main bunker in the town. After this they moved to Hallow proper scouting the town and small vault. Fortune favours the brave, or so the cliche goes, whilst scouting Hallow's vault trench they found an unreinforced beacon and base which they quickly took. Hallow was completely unable to stop this incursion into their land.

The next weekend the forces of Mir began an attack on the Columbia vault. Initially they made great progress, scaring the few defenders into burning all the materials within the vault bunkers to stop it falling into Mirian hands. However, several hours passed and Hantzu logged in, whipping the defenders into a meaningful force and together they held off the Mirians until the defenders had a massive number advantage. At this point Mir left. Whilst Mir was unable to take the vault another step in their overarching objective had been achieved - two pearls were obtained during the siege. Doommad, an incredibly active Hallow grinder and Godclick - an unknown pvp'er of great skill, likely a banned player.

The following week minor skirmishes were had around the Columbia vault. Notably Hantzu exploited exile pearl invulnerability in conjunction with an Ender crystal explosion to try and pearl a Mirian attack squad. It was a hilarious failure, pearling no one in Mir and putting Hallow firmly in the lights of the admins for exploiting unintended mechanics. This would be the theme of the week as later that day Gthomas abused exile pearl mechanics to teleport into the Mir vault, and most likely, obtaining an illegal world download of the vault. Meanwhile EZ2Clutch, a rising figure in international mineman politics held the entire Hallow army at bay outside the Columbian vault, his menacing visage bobbing up and down in the water, a fearsome sight to behold. Finally, Machinemaker, one of the biggest Hallow grinders/botters was apprehended by an unknown account near MTA. The pearl was handed to Walkers outside MTA and taken to the Mir vault where he will rest for Eternity.

The Sacking of Sempiternal

A week after the unsuccesful attack on the Columbian vault known as Sempiternal Mirian forces once more gathered under the Black Banner to assault the vault. Over the course of the previous week they had set up vital intelligence networks allowing them to decipher the movements of even the canniest of the Hallowed forces. In fact such was the extent of their Overwatch capabilities it was said, nay, whisphered in darkened corners of Mir proper, that Magier, Grand Mage of Mir, had traded a portion of his soul for this forbidden knowledge. Indeed such was his intuition he was able to predict enemy movements before they themselves knew what they were going to do.

The attack is covered in detail in the article The Second Siege of Sempiternal but needless to say this time the forces of Mir were victorious. Shadeddoom, leader of Columbia, burnt all of the vault's potion materials for a second time, filled the bunkers with obsidian and abandoned the vault.

The Sacking of Hallow

After disabling the Columbian vault the Miria forces moved deeper into the minus minus towards the world border and Hallow's town. Initially they were faced with fierce opposition. However, this soon disappeared with many Hallows being pearled in the grassy forests around their town. The bunkers around the town were then ransacked - Elder Guardians killed, illegal admin spawned beacons disabled and still more Hallows were pearled, all without loss of Mirian life.

The Mirians then began to pressure the Hallow vault. There was no point in actually breaking it as it held nothing of value - and so funding was not provided for a proper vault break. However, the continued pressure put the simple Hallow folk in new situations that they were not quite sure how to handle. Many Hallows were pearled within their own vault rings, dying in the traps they'd set for Mirian attackers. After two weeks the supply of Hallow pearls vanished - only two remained and Mirian forces withdrew. At this point 16 members of FRIENDS had been pearled with no loss of Mirian life.

A very generous peace offer was made to FRIENDS which involved the immediate release of most of the pearls but it was rejected.

The Sacking of Rhodesia

Even as Mirian troops withdrew from Hallow the Hjaltland emissary arrived in Mir and proposed a joint strike against the FRIENDS stronghold of Rhodesia. It housed a massive vault - larger than the Lexington vault and breaking it would be a considerable blow to the FRIENDS alliance. A plan was agreed in the weeks leading up to the break all known members of Rhodesia were pearled by Mirian agents to ensure the success of a stealth break.

The actual vault break was a huge success - when it was discovered the attacking skybridge was only a few bastions from the central skybunker. Notably a single Rhodesian defender, Baes20, logged in, teleported to the top of the skybunker and fell to his death - the fencegate had been opened by an unknown actor. The vault was broken without incident.

Winding Up

At this point most of the Mirian objectives had been achieved. FRIENDS was utterly humiliated and no Mirians had been lost. The Mirians chose to withdraw resources from the Hallow and Rhodesian zones rather than invest more time in the cracking of other FRIENDS nations such as HJE.

Mirian Propaganda 

Though Mir does excel at subreddit pvp they are more likely to shitpost, and occasionally post propaganda. Below are a few examples:

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