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MtA fighters and allies invade the Gensokyojin capital of New Detroit, 8/8/2015

The Goten Secession Conflict was a conflict on Civcraft 2.0 between Mount Augusta and Gensokyo, as well as their supporters, over the validity of the secession attempt of the Gensokyojin city of Goten in New Detroit. The inhabitants of Goten had become alienated from the rest of Gensokyo over Goten's increasing contributions to the nation's factories, which the rest of the Gensokyojins took advantage of despite being less active. Goten also had a relatively tolerant and welcoming culture compared to the hard-line conservatism of the country's leadership. After seceding from Gensokyo, Goten requested to be annexed by Mt. Augusta, which they obliged, pitting the city and Gensokyo against each other.

Alliances were formed to back each side and a standoff ensued. Gensokyo formed a coalition including Grundeswald, Prussia, Hjaltland, and the FSR, while Mount Augusta gained support from Nox and ISIS. After a two-hour standoff outside Goten, Mount Augustan-aligned fighters charged in and claimed victory over the Gensokyojin forces who had left. Eventually, this resulted in a final withdrawal of the Gensokyojin side, as well as acceptance of Mount Augusta's sovereignty over Goten on August 8, 2015. (Full article...)

Current Events

A currently under-construction market in Tenseimiya, Gensokyo's main city.
  • The ongoing war between Estalia and Rhode Island has seen fighting around both nations, concentrated in 0,0 (G-Mall), a slime farm in Rhode Island, and a shared nether portal.
  • After Rhode Island obbybombed G-Mall and a statue at 0,0, Pavia and the Lyrean Community released a statement condemning the obbybombing.
  • Icenia has also spoken out against Rhode Island after fighters pearled Shadno for supposedly aiding Estalia during the war. No evidence nor a trial timeline has been released.
  • Icarus and Western Boundary have both released bounties for AbbyShapiro, a raider who has been raiding many different nations throughout the server.
  • CivMC admins have been cracking down on players posting a GIF of a dog peeing; the moderators argue that the video falls under their NSFW policy.
  • Kallos and Wolken have both joined the Arsenio Pact, a collection of nations mainly located in Alenarith.
  • The New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL) has announced a new season, with teams representing nations around the Medi Sea.

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