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The city of New Turing, on CivClassic, in August 2021.

Acadia was a country on CivUniverse and CivClassic that focused on accessible democracy for its citizens as well as building productive infrastructure. The first iteration, founded by Cortwade, was one of the most built up on the server as part of a vassal state of Javaya, but became inactive due to the New Vegas war. Eventually the country moved to CivClassic in March 2021, however, upon entry the country was embroiled in conflict, after raids, an attempted coup, and an international crisis involving Caledonia their ally Adina. The town eventually grew in late 2021 after economic activity and a resurgence in player interest allowed the city to build new infrastructure until the server’s end.

The country of Acadia was built based on ideas from Norlund and Adinan policies. Acadia prides itself on its governmental culture, from its long list of political parties and struggles of federal power in the country. However, it was most remembered for its infrastructure, including its Grand Central Station in CivUniverse, and its many Victorian-style builds in New Turing. One of its most notable areas was a part named “Rainbow Row”, as it spurred waterfront development and its LGBT movement. There currently is no successor to Acadia on CivMC, and many of its citizens have gone to other nations; however some citizens are currently the force behind the development of CivReign. (Full article...)

Current Events

A late sunset in Pioneer Village in Lambat.
  • An attempted coup by SpeedyJustice on Gensokyo ended in horrific failure with many allies, such as New Jersey, Gang Shi, and Truidencia, among others, helped to deter attackers. This is oversimplifying quite a lot, as this attack was premeditated for months.
  • Temporal Isles players have been seen returning to the country after losing a conflict against Arnen.
  • Danzilona and Nara have signed a friendship pact, and have announced a joint bid for the Olympics set to be held in January next year.
  • The Commonwealth provided additional clarification on their succession crisis the previous week, as several events had led many people astray from Commonwealth ideals.
  • Pavian Crown Prince Creepi0n I has died, with Gobblin II being elected as his successor. It's caused some political tension in Pavian spheres.
  • The Imperial Federation has announced Spoonce as the new Chancellor of the country, after winning in the seventh round of an election with 73 votes.
  • CivMC admins have released a development roadmap, hoping to account for miscommunication and slow progress over the past months.

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Civ is a genre of minecraft servers in which players, not admins, create and enforce rules. It differs from anarchy servers in that players are given extensive tools to help protect themselves and imprison players.

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