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This page explains frequently used words special to Civ or multiplayer Minecraft.


  • Acid blocking: The act of purposefully reinforcing gold blocks to remove reinforced blocks, for example grief or derelict builds.
  • Alt vault: A logged-out account storing valuables in its inventory. Used because items cannot be stolen while logged out, and can be instantly retrieved. Disadvantages are that they cannot be accessed while pearled, and that each account needs to be bought with real money.
  • Alt: Alternative accounts to a player's main account. Used to allow quickly logging in at a certain location possibly far away from the main account ("combat alt"), or to obscure identity, for example when alt raiding or spying.
  • Bot: A script (often using MacroMod) to automatically gather resources (farms, mining, etc.). Can also refer to the alt account that is currently running that script.
  • Chest vault: Lots of reinforced chests in a secure area, to make raiding inefficient by spreading the stored valuables across many chests, requiring the raider to spend more time breaking chests than it would take to obtain the items legitimally.
  • City Bastion: A special lored bone block which, when reinforced, protects a 101x101 square area from reinforced block placement and exiled players from entering, unless the player is on the bastion's reinforcement group. Specifics may vary depending on a servers config.
  • Compacted: Special items created with the Compactor factory for easy storage or transport. One compacted item equals a stack (64) of regular items. Compacting and decompacting are lossless, using only one crate for the former.
  • Component: Special lored items used to create bastions or the bastion factory. Created in other factories first, drawing from all parts of the tech tree.
  • Crate: A lored chest used to compact items in a compactor factory. Decompacting doesn’t require them. Made in a carpentry factory using wood and iron.
  • CS: A Compacted stack, or 64x64 items. Used in trade to specify big amounts of items.
  • Ci: A Compacted item, or 64x1 items. Used in trade to specify big amounts of items.
  • d: Diamonds, used in trade to specify prices. 20d means 20 Diamonds.
  • DC, SC: Double chest or single chest, respectively. Used in trade to specify big amounts of items. 1 dc means 54 stacks of items (either compacted or regular), 1 sc means 27 stacks.
  • DRO/IRO/SRO: Refers to diamond/iron/stone reinforced obsidian respectively. Used in secure structures usually for storage or defense.
  • Dropchest: A chest hidden in the stone layer far from civilization, to protect wealth from being raided. Can also be shared with another player to facilitate trading.
  • ExilePearl/EP: A lored enderpearl preventing its contained player from PvP, logging into alt accounts, entering bastion fields, and coming closer than 1000m to the pearl.
  • Exp/XP: Emeralds/-blocks or Bottles of Exp, used for enchanting, obtained only through Cauldron factories, can be converted into one another by crafting.
  • Factory: Special setup of chest, workbench, and furnace allowing efficient production of normal or special ("lored") items through the FactoryMod plugin.
  • Grief: Destruction/placement of ugly blocks to deface a build or area, done to easily but effectively cause damage.
  • Hiddenore: A plugin that randomly generates ores as you break stone blocks. The map had no ores when it was generated, to prevent x-ray and allow admins to rebalance ore distribution in the future.
  • i: Iron ingots, used in trade to specify prices. 20i means 20 Iron Ingots.
  • Library: Room(s) or building(s) that allow for player written Book & Quill books to be "borrowed". Generally done via the use of shop chests, due to a lack of better options. This means that books in libraries are, effectively, bought, but can, depending on the library, also be sold back.
  • Mana/Meme Mana/MM: Virtual fuel for pearls, bound to a namelayer group. Can be obtained once a day by running /manaclaim, yielding more mana per day if you claim it every day.
  • Stamina: Virtual fuel for pearls or certain factory recipes. Used on CivRealms.
  • Mod: A modification to enhance the Minecraft client program, for example adding a minimap, armor status, player radar, or to run bots.
  • Obby bomb: Covering something that doesn't belong to you in SRO, as a form of griefing. Often used to refer to a hostile entity placing significant amounts of obsidian on a city.
  • Plugin: A modification on the server to allow custom mechanics like reinforcements, factories, random respawn locations, etc. without requiring changes to the Minecraft client.
  • POS: "Pearl on sight", used to mark a player as a criminal or threat.
  • PrisonPearl/PP: A lored enderpearl binding its contained player to the End dimension.
  • Raider: A player who is known for murdering or stealing, usually by breaking into chests.
  • Reinforce (verb): Using a reinforcement on a block to protect it from being broken. Used to protect builds and storage chests from getting griefed or raided.
  • Reinforcement: Smooth stone, iron ingot, diamond or other specific reinforcement items, which can be used to reinforce blocks.
  • Shop chest: Trade chest configured for ItemExchange. Left-click the chest with an empty hand to select a trade (displayed in chat), then hold the input item and left-click to execute the trade.
  • Snitch: Reinforced Noteblock or Jukebox that allows monitoring the 23x23x23 cube area around it by sending messages to the chat of its reinforcement group when a player enters the area. Jukes also record this when noone is reading chat, as well as block breaks/placements, opened chests, precise logout coordinates, killed mobs, and entering/leaving vehicles. To see the log, stand in the monitored area and run the /ja command, or /jainfo next to take screenshots more easily. The log gets deleted after 2 weeks.
  • Trench: Used for protection of cities and vaults. Dug very deeply, often to bedrock, and bastioned to prevent bridging, so that access to the contained area can be tightly controlled.
  • Vault Bastion: A special lored sponge block which, when reinforced, protects a 21x21 square area from block placement and thrown enderpearls from landing, unless the player is on the bastion's reinforcement group. Specifics may vary depending on a servers config.


  • Gear/geared: Items required for combat, which are prot, pots, pearls, and enchanted swords.

  • Kiting (verb): Using speed potions to travel quickly across the map while in a combat situation, usually to retreat with pearled players.
  • Layers: The number of layers of DRO in a vault spike. A "30 layer" vault spike means one has to mine through 30 pieces of DRO to access the pearl chest.
  • Pots: Potions used in combat loadouts, such as Health, Speed, Regen, Strength, etc.
  • Pot bunker: An IRO or DRO room made to enable people to heal, repair armor, and get new pots during fighting outside of a vault.
  • Prot pinata: A player wearing prot who can’t fight well and just takes hit after hit before dying and losing all gear to the enemy.
  • Prot/ProtIV/Prot4: A full set of Protection IV enchanted diamond armor, usually with other useful enchants. This is the minimum requirement to be effective in PvP. Can be seen as threatening depending on the player in question.
  • Rings: Obsidian trenches, usually IRO but sometimes SRO, which surround a vault spike and are used to defend against a ground-based assault.
  • Skybridge: A bridge in the sky used to break bastions without having to break through the rest of the vault defenses so that attackers can focus on pearling the defenders and mining through the spike.
  • Skybunker: An obsidian bunker, usually above a vault, used to defend against skybridges.
  • Spike: A line through the obsidian pyramid at the center of a vault, diamond reinforced on a separate shared group, to allow sharing access to the chest containing pearls.
  • Junk Prot/Trash prot/Fake prot: Any enchanted diamond armor that isn’t Prot IV used to bluff when the potential attacker is afraid that it might be actual Prot IV.
  • Vault: A giant, reinforced obsidian structure which is used to securely hold pearls. These are the basis of warfare and are how people hold prisoners of war. Can also refer to just the DRO pyramid in its center. Not suited for storing items, for that see Chest Vault, Alt Vault.
  • Vaulting someone: Putting someone's pearl into your Vault.
  • Logbox: Box of reinforced blocks, usually obsidian around the coordinates of a player who logged out.


  • Belter/Beltalowda: Term referring to those who live in the Ring Space (nether dimension); and consider it their home.
  • Civball: User-generated visual art, typically manifesting as online comics or single art pieces, where nations/civs are personified as (typically) spherical personas decorated with their nation/civ's flag. Similar to Polandball but the name is a variant adapted to this comunity.Squareblob and Metriximor are notable artists of civball art in the civ community.
  • Channer: A player originating from or preferring 4chan/... over Reddit to communicate.
  • Claim: Either referring to a land claim (of a nation), or a demand for reparations from someone (as in "Claims post"/"Post claims on me").
  • Commie: A player in a communist nation or with strong communist preferences regarding government or economy.
  • Crayon Claim: Excessively large land claim that is not enforced in-game, either by new nations out of poor judgement, or by established nations for greed or provocation.
  • Delusional: A common accusation among people who accuse others insinuating that the person makes things up in their head that aren't true.
  • Dotposting (.): It is common to reply with a period when someone says something regrettable, edgy, or stupid.
  • EOTW: End of The World. Refers to the end of a Minecraft server.
  • F: Press F to pay respects, usually used ironically.
  • Flip & Burn: Referring to a complete turn around; a 180. Primarily used by Belters.
  • Gank: Surprise attack, usually with an advantage on the attackers side, both in skill and numbers.
  • HCF: Hard Core Factions, the gamemode of a popular PvP server whose members invaded Civcraft.
  • IGN: In-Game Name, meaning the name a player goes by inside of Minecraft.
  • Inner/Inyalowda: Term referring to those who live in the overworld; usually by Belters.
  • L/Taking an L: Someone made a mistake and got destroyed for it.
  • Mineman/eLegos/Civman: Ironic terms referring to Minecraft or Civ specifically.
  • Natoid: Derogatory term towards member of the NATO alliance.
  • Newfriend: New player who does not know much about Civ.
  • Mediumfriend: Player who knows about civ mechanics and has played for a few months but is not jaded enough to be a oldfriend.
  • Oldfriend: Experienced player who has been playing Civ servers for several years.
  • OMN: Nation that is inhabited by one person only (One Man Nation).
  • Pearled or Permapearled or Perma: Pearled means being imprisoned inside of a pearl, adding "perma" or by itself means being pearled permanently.
  • Proof: Used by individuals who believe themselves to be innocent against accusations of shittery, often asking if there is any basis behind the accusation.
  • Satoid: Derogatory term towards member of SATO alliance
  • Seethe: When someone is very mad, and is "seething" about a certain action.
  • Squarespiral: When a project is started and more and more features keep pilling on to it until it grows large enough that it can never be completed, and you move to another one.
  • Shitter: Players who do shitty things ingame and add nothing to the community. Can also be used as an adjective.
  • Shitpost: Low effort, low quality post or comment intended to be any combination of humorous, offensive, or disruptive.
  • SOTW: Start of The World. Refers to the start of a new Minecraft server.
  • Superfriend: A server helper that has some admin powers but unlike an admin can still play on the server, usually involved in moderation of the civ community.
  • Toxic: Somebody who really made the mindset of the community worse and spread poison via metagame behavior like doxxing and harassing players.
  • ttk2: Head admin of Civcraft, popularized and advanced the Civ genre.
  • World Police: Self-appointed PvP group or alliance often interfering in international politics (Shortened to WP or WeePee).