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Mechanics that change player versus player fighting.

Exile Pearl

Exile killed players {source, config}

Killing a player while having an Ender Pearl in your hotbar will imprison the killed player and bind them to the item. The pearled player cannot be within 1000 blocks of their pearl if the pearl is inside a container (such as a chest).[1]. A player can not be pearled twice. Trying to pearl an exiled player will show the coordinates of their pearl. Exiled players cannot: [2]

  • Light fires
  • Use potions
  • Throw pearls
  • Engage in PvP with another player
  • Place TNT
  • Enter bastion fields. An exiled players who enters a bastion field will be teleported outside of it unless the bastion's namelayer group has BASTION_ALLOW_EXILED enabled
  • Damage bastions
  • Damage reinforced blocks
  • Place snitches

However there are ways around some restrictions. For example, although exiled players cannot damage other players with weapons, they may still damage them with fireworks, falling anvils and more.


Fuel pearls with activity {source, config}

Captors must periodically fuel pearls. The fuel for pearls is essence. Players can claim essence (often referred as mana) daily. [3]

  • Essence is automatically claimed after playing for 30 minutes. Logging out does not reset the timer.
  • Players have to wait 18 hours before being able to claim again. After that, they have a 24 hours window to claim again.
  • The amount of essence that is received is equal to the number of times the player has claimed essence during the last 8 days. This amount is capped at 8. The streak can be checked using the /streak command.
  • Voting for the server on a server ranking website will reward 1 essence per vote, per day. The 3 affected websites are, and Players only get essence for voting every 20 hours. The voting links can be checked using the /vote command. The player must be online when voting to receive essence.
  • Alts share the same pool of mana. It is not possible to claim essence several time on the same day but on different alts.

Placing the pearl in a chest with the required amount of mana will allow the player to continue to be bound to the pearl.[4] Not remembering will have the pearl decay, by 8 health per hour.

Prison Pearl

Players whose pearl has been upgraded to a prison pearl are sent to the end and therefore are not able to be sent back into the overworld. They will be permanently in the end. There are several end portals throughout the map that allow people to visit the end, however, and non-pearled players can return to the overworld.

It costs 64 mana to upgrade to a prison pearl.[5]

Example of pearl fueling. 64 Player Essence will be crafted into this exile pearl that is currently at 16%

Pearl fueling & decay

  • In order to fuel an Exile Pearl or Prison pearl, craft the pearl in your inventory or crafting table with the desired amount of Player Essence. Before confirming, check to see the resulting percentage the pearl will be filled to.
  • Exile Pearls decay at a rate of 16 mana a week. (incorrectly labeled as costing 8 mana a week)
  • Prison Pearls decay at a rate of 64 mana a week.


Permission Name Function
/ep locate Locates your exile pearl
/ep free Free an exile pearl
/ep broadcast <group/player> Broadcasts your pearl location to a group or another player
/ep accept Accepts a pearl broadcast request
/ep silence <player> Stops pearl broadcasting from a player
/ep summon Summon a prisoner
/ep return Returns a summoned player
/ep confirm Confirms a summon request
/ep upgrade Upgrade a pearl using mana. Cost 64 mana. (Currently nonfunctional)
/suicide Usable for exiled players only. Use for when a pearled player gets stuck (eg. in reinforced blocks that they cannot destroy because they are pearled). They player will be killed after 180 seconds.

Combat Changes

CivClassic changes combat to be more similar to pre-1.8 combat mechanics.

  • Dual wielding is enabled.
  • Clicking at rate higher than 8.5 (?) CPS will decrease the overall damages dealt.
  • Ender Pearls have a cooldown of 15 seconds (vs. 1s in vanilla).
  • Ender Crystals do not inflict damage on the player but will still destroy surrounding blocks.
  • Snowballs and eggs do no inflict damage nor knock players back but will slightly damage armor.

Humbug plugin changes many combat mechanics :

  • Buff bows by 20%
  • Enchanted golden apples turn to normal golden apples when eat attempted.
  • Increases damage reduction granted by the Protection enchantment
  • Nerfs the strength potion back to pre-1.5 mechanics
  • tripled added damage from strength potion levels
  • 30% chance projectile causes slow debuff for 100 ticks


CombatTag is a server plugin which is used to balance PvP (Player vs Player combat).

When you are "combat tagged" you are unable to log out of the server safely by using /logout. Instead, you are stuck in the server for a short period of time, and if you simply disconnect from the server you will leave behind a "combat logger". Your body is left behind for 30 seconds, and you can still be killed and pearled after you disconnect.

When you first join the server you are combat tagged for 10 seconds, When somebody hits you, you are combat tagged for 30 seconds. This is to prevent you getting into a PvP fight and deciding to just logout to avoid being killed.

Make sure to always find a safe spot and /logout to leave the server safely. You will have to stand still for 10 seconds in order to log out safely, but this will avoid leaving your body behind for 30 seconds.

  • /ct or /combattagplus - Check combat tag timer
  • /logout - Logs out without spawning combat tagger (10 seconds w/o movement or pvp)