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Each week, a summary (roughly 1000 characters long) of one of CivWiki's articles and current events appear at the top of the Main Page as the Featured article. This page is managed by User:Specificlanguage and oversees the complete editing process of these features, as well as the associated newsletter for each week. This page serves as an archive for each featured article and current events, as well as a way to see those currently in draft.

January 2023

January 23, 2023

From the Featured Article

A landscape of the Jehoghnya clan's settlement in the Nro'meagh region, built by Avo.

Nro’meagh was a clan-based society on CivClassic; while "Nro'meagh" was commonly referred to as a country as a whole, the area was mainly held by several clans acting as their own sovereign countries. Of the many factions in the region, the primary players were Alexandria, an anarchic build city similar to Mount Augusta, Jevoghnya, the oldest and most historically significant region where the conlang of Nro’meagh was born, and Caesar’s Legion, a Roman-roleplay clan similar to the Fallout clan of the same name, focused on conquering the entire region.

Throughout its lifespan, these clans were engaged in several alliances and wars. Several clans also maintained alliances with nations uninvolved with the region, such as Vinland and Adina. In 2020, several major conflicts occurred, with two major clans, Alexandria and Threkeld, squaring off in February 2020. During April 2020, Caesar’s Legion also achieved their goal of conquering the entire region, however were overthrown by a coalition of clans led by Topher3001 the following month. Today, some of Nro’meagh players currently play in today’s Imperial Federation. (Full article...)

Current Events

Imperial Japanese structures in Nara.
  • Lambat closed off their nether portal, after discovering EVDan had been digging in the vicinity of the nether portal without the country's express permission.
  • Pavia withdrew from the Four Continent Concordat, citing the need to renegotiate their alliance situation with the Imperial Federation. At the moment, the alliance is only between the latter and Pridelands, a part of the IF already.
  • Warmia, a newfriend territory, became an autonomous territory of Kallos.
  • Yoahtl had another great pigeon migration to Iria.
  • MrJeremyFisher has replaced Orinnari in the Icenian senate, after the latter resigned.
  • The Newfriend Development Initiative has been created in Kallos, intended to increase awareness and guide newfriends, especially away from defensive infrastructure.
  • CivReign is launching this Friday, January 27. Several existing nations, like Gensokyo and Norlund are planning to play on the server. Join their discord server, where you can verify your account before logging in.

January 16, 2023

From the Featured Article

The original version of the Cathedral of Castulus, one of Lottosprayer's original builds in the country.

Iria is a nation focused on trade and infrastructure, and is currently one of the longest-running Civ nations. Originally founded by Lottosprayer and HorizonLeap in the early years of Civcraft 2.0, the country was a mainstay throughout the entire iteration and was a founding member North East Alliance (NEA). The country endured raids from multiple groups, including the Islamic National Front, BMB, and Eagle Crew throughout the first half of the server. In the back half of Civcraft 2.0, the country came into conflict with the Federal Socialist Republics after cooperating with Savion on a vault, leading many to exit the NEA.

Iria continued to participate on every major Civ server following Civcraft 2.0, with the country continuing to trace their lineage back to the original iteration. In Civcraft 3.0, they made a hesitant alliance with Concordia in the snowy Tjikko shard, and in Devoted 3.0 making an alliance with Aquila in the Delta Alliance. On their iteration in CivClassic, the country resided in a mesa valley on the eastern edge of the map, built one of the largest international train stations recorded on Civ, and included leaders such as Squareblob and RedDevel. The country continues to this day with their current iteration on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Zocalo, the main central square in Cortesia Del Mar.

January 9, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:ArtificialDriver.

From the Featured Article

The logo of the Gabon Corporation, created by BritishWanderer.

The Gabon Corporation was a publicly traded Gabonese multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, consumer goods, agrigulture and construction. The corporation was based in Salisbury, Gabon and was the first major shareholder-owned company to be established on CivClassic with operations in 7 separate countries. Its predecessor, the GabonXP Corporation was founded by FKA_Twink, Gobblin and BritishWanderer on October 7th 2020 as a means to profit off the server's XP market.

Its goal was to produce affordable XP and ship it globally. The company went public in December 2020, allowing any member of the public to purchase shares for which the Corporation would pay out dividend every quarter. The Corporation would later merge with Salisbury Holdings and G&W Co. into what would be known as the Gabon Corporation. At its peak the Corporation would make over 6000 diamonds and pay out 1400 diamonds in quarterly dividends to its shareholders who held a total of 4000 shares. The Gabon Corporation’s spiritual successor, the Monument Group, is currently operating in Pavia on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

Verdant Valley, a lush high street and residential area in The Commonwealth.
  • Danzilona has been embroiled in a war with Cortesia Del Mar over a small territorial dispute.
  • After a series of raids on Venne and Calw, RacconOnCrack was pearled (again) by Doom City, Estalia, and Independent Southern Powers associates.
  • Estalia's market at 0,0 held eight large plots at an auction this past weekend; the sale resulted in revenue of more than 600 diamonds.
  • DonFuer, a building group that has been present on 2b2t, among other servers, have announced plans to rebuild ruins of towns in the north.
  • CivReign have announced that botting would be banned on their server, with the playerbase having mixed reactions to this decision.
  • CivRev have announced an "open" beta, however, initial access would be limited to those who apply, with those being endorsed by others invited later.

January 2, 2023

This week's featured article was contributed by User:Des23.

From the Featured Article

The Danzilonan Security Force and allies breaking the Aeginan vault, August 2014.

The Aeginan independence movement was comprised of two separate attempts by two different dictators of Aegina to unilaterally remove the country from its sovereign nation, the Danzilonan Federation (DZF), which was dominated by its most populous country, New Danzilona (NDZ), on Civcraft 2.0.

Spurred by the expansion of Aegina’s borders and his own grandiosity, the first attempt was done by it_needs_bees between August and November 2014 and resulted in his pearling and permanent banishment from the DZF. The second attempt at independence was done by Inscourge, who was a former newfriend citizen of Aegina who returned to try to revive the city, in March 2015. Instead, he plotted to use mercenaries to grief and overthrow the government of NDZ. His plot was foiled by Danzilonan allies, resulting in his pearling and subsequent ban from Civcraft for altban evasion. (Full article...)

Current Events

Regentsburgh, a snowy city in the Imperial Federation
  • Happy New Year from the CivWiki!
  • CivReign has announced a launch date of January 27. Join their discord here.
  • CivVie launched on December 27, however temporarily closed the next day due to exploits. The server has not reopened yet.
  • A raider group called the Guerilla hoped to eradicate urbanism on CivMC, but was stopped by Kallos fighters along with DockerImage.
  • Dr_Bacon_Hair pearled, and then was pearled by, Temporal Isles leader PhysicsGamer, after attempting to declare himself the leader of the country.
  • Elections for Icenian, Imperial Federation, and Truidencian councils are in process for this next month.
  • Kallos and Icenia have seen small vandalisms humorously modifying their towns, from an Augustan flag, to an illegally built coaster.

December 2022

December 26, 2022

From the Featured Article

Western Alliance fighters present at the breaking of the Lexington Vault.

The Fall of Lexington was the final battle and conclusion of the Somber War between the Western Alliance and Lexington. After a long war that lasted several months between the Western Alliance and Lexington and her allies, the Alliance began efforts to skybridge the main Lexington Vault, located at the North Pole on CivClassic, and was the largest vault on the server at the time. Upon setting up a staging area about a thousand blocks away at a place called Tinian, a reference to the US’ offensive into Japan, allies spent two days skybridging at the height limit to the heavily fortified vault, where they confronted defenders on the evening of April 7th, 2018 while continuing to build.

Shortly after defenders engaged on the skybridge, Lexington leader sintralin was pearled by Falstadt fighter awoo, at which point the defenders surrendered the vault and left with as many valuables that could be salvaged. At around midnight on April 8th, fighters entered the vault and freed all pearls currently stored, including leaders of The Commonwealth such as Peter5930 and Lodish, as well as Falstadt fighters S4NTA and tankbuster44 along with many others. Many of the countries that aided in the coalition made up the new alliance SATO, and the server maintained peace for several months afterward. (Full article...)

Current Events

Pavia's Christmas Tree, built by paagf.

December 19, 2022

From the Featured Article

The members of the UDF, depicted as a Civball version of the Simpsons meme "Sneed's Feed and Seed" created by StrPlatinum.

The United Defensive Front, abbreviated UDF, was an alliance between several nations, mainly in the Northern Continent on CivClassic. The alliance was an all-encompassing international political and economic union, but also emphasizing self determination, neutrality, free trade, mutual defense, and shared infrastructure. Formed after the collapse of the first United Northern Congress (UNC), it was originally founded with Imperial Truidence, Icenia, and Bloom as founding members, with Yoahtl, Columbia, Southshire, SPQR, and Acadia all joining later in its life.

The alliance was a mainstay in CivClassic despite its involvement in drama across the server. Among some highlights were the aptly-named Chic-Fil-A Crisis, its involvement in the War of The Coalition and the second half of the Infinity War, and the Mount September Ice Road Conflict in 2021. Communications were managed by the UDF Spokesperson, a position primarily held by Enforcer15 throughout the latter years of CivClassic. The institution stood until the end of CivClassic in 2021, however nearly all of these countries continued in some form on CivMC, some being an autonomous state of today’s Icenia. (Full article...)

Current Events

Icenia's Christmas tree in their main city park.
  • Temporal Isles was given terms by Icenia to demilitarize after leader PhysicsGamer was pearled following the Temporal Isles Conflict.
  • Ocala was obbybombed by Arnen after the territory was dissolved and annexed by the latter country.
  • CivMC admins discovered abuse of the Brewery after finding out players were brewing extremely complex utility brews, and are rebalancing recipes to compensate. Superbgamer was one of the primary offenders.
  • The Monument Group based in Pavia recently held a public stock sale, with over 2,000 diamonds from investors.
  • Mount Augusta has reelected ComradeNick as its mayor, with laws currently planned to annex Juliana (formerly Zatoka) as well as alliances with New Jersey and Gang Shi.
  • The Royal Lusitan Corporation in Lusitania was forced to shut its doors today as the board did not find it profitable to operate any longer.
  • CivRevolution has launched a Skyblock server while developing its 1.18 iteration.
  • CivReign has released a teaser for flotsam, a small treasure that would be floating in the ocean.

December 12, 2022

From the Featured Article

Lazuli as seen on CivLegacy at the current moment, unchanged since its appearance at the end of 1.0.

Lazuli was a country on Civcraft 1.0, known mainly for its trade and government. The country was named after a Lapis Lazuli vein was found under the city. Founded after the fall of nearby Rift, the country experienced a rapid suburban sprawl in its early founding months. Its proximity to other popular nations like Rift and Atlantis granted its early growth. After governmental reform, the country invested heavily in security infrastructure and urban development, creating one of the first instances of a widespread snitch network and creating the Lapis Arena, hosting several international tournaments. While mostly peaceful, Lazuli still was involved in drama as part of the PumpkinJacks raid.

Eventually, the country went into downfall, coincidentally on the same week as Columbia, the other most populous city on the server thus far. Blame was mainly placed on extreme difficulty for travelling via Nether into the country, as well as beautification of the country’s city being a talking point for many citizens. Many of the country’s main residents, such as Ttocs_is_Awe, NateMagic and SomethingSaucy were pivotal in the founding of today’s Maester Alliance. (Full article...)

Current Events

A Christmas tree in Butternut's Blood Village.
  • Negotiations between Gensokyo and Dalgon broke down as the allies of both countries could not agree on adequate reparations following the Speedy Coup.
  • Icenia, Ocala, Temporal Isles, and Arnen became involved in a weekend of attacks and raids, resulting in Ocala being dissolved.
  • Pavia's build weekend ended with a great success, with the city growing twice as big as before.
  • Lambat and The Commonwealth have both built big bridges across their countries, with the former heading to CivMarket.
  • Mount Augusta elected Maester Logic_Man as their new judge with a new gubernatorial election also underway.
  • mTfUJi has created two different slander memes, one of which covers almost every aspect of CivMC.
  • CivReign's latest teaser hints at Soul Steel, a metal stronger than Netherite.
  • CivMC admins have encouraged nations to build Christmas trees or other objects to celebrate the holiday season, with a Christmas card contest and presents also being offered later down the line.

December 5, 2022

From the Featured Article

The city of New Turing, on CivClassic, in August 2021.

Acadia was a country on CivUniverse and CivClassic that focused on accessible democracy for its citizens as well as building productive infrastructure. The first iteration, founded by Cortwade, was one of the most built up on the server as part of a vassal state of Javaya, but became inactive due to the New Vegas war. Eventually the country moved to CivClassic in March 2021, however, upon entry the country was embroiled in conflict, after raids, an attempted coup, and an international crisis involving Caledonia their ally Adina. The town eventually grew in late 2021 after economic activity and a resurgence in player interest allowed the city to build new infrastructure until the server’s end.

The country of Acadia was built based on ideas from Norlund and Adinan policies. Acadia prides itself on its governmental culture, from its long list of political parties and struggles of federal power in the country. However, it was most remembered for its infrastructure, including its Grand Central Station in CivUniverse, and its many Victorian-style builds in New Turing. One of its most notable areas was a part named “Rainbow Row”, as it spurred waterfront development and its LGBT movement. There currently is no successor to Acadia on CivMC, and many of its citizens have gone to other nations; however some citizens are currently the force behind the development of CivReign. (Full article...)

Current Events

A late sunset in Pioneer Village in Lambat.
  • An attempted coup by SpeedyJustice on Gensokyo ended in horrific failure with many allies, such as New Jersey, Gang Shi, and Truidencia, among others, helped to deter attackers. This is oversimplifying quite a lot, as this attack was premeditated for months.
  • Temporal Isles players have been seen returning to the country after losing a conflict against Arnen.
  • Danzilona and Nara have signed a friendship pact, and have announced a joint bid for the Olympics set to be held in January next year.
  • The Commonwealth provided additional clarification on their succession crisis the previous week, as several events had led many people astray from Commonwealth ideals.
  • Pavian Crown Prince Creepi0n I has died, with Gobblin II being elected as his successor. It's caused some political tension in Pavian spheres.
  • The Imperial Federation has announced Spoonce as the new Chancellor of the country, after winning in the seventh round of an election with 73 votes.
  • CivMC admins have released a development roadmap, hoping to account for miscommunication and slow progress over the past months.

November 2022

November 28, 2022

From the Featured Article

A look at Mount Chungusta's city alongside its cliff.

Mount Chungusta was a country on CivTest, a short-lived experimental Civ server run on Minetest. Its name derives from the long-living state of Mount Augusta(where many of its citizens hailed from) and the ironic meme of Big Chungus. The country was one of the most developed on the server, becoming the first nation with all factories as well as a bunker and vault. The country had several minor conflicts involving Chungustan citizen affairs, but developed a minimal, reasonable albeit amusing “minarchist” law structure like Mount Augusta’s that held throughout its iteration.

With the server turning offline in April 2020, the country’s citizens became inactive for a time but eventually moved to CivClassic. Many of its citizens played a major part in founding the aptly-named Mount September, a spiritual successor to Mount Augusta. (Full article...)

Current Events

The skyscape of Altepetl in Yoahtl, with its brand new developments, like its wall and trench in recent months.
  • War broke out between Arnen, the Temporal Isles, and their allies after several grievances between the two nations. Arnen eventually disabled the Temporal vault and skybunker, and declared them dissolved however Temporal figures are still active and picking fights on the server. More information here.
  • Icenia had been involved in the early fighting but chose to remain neutral and remove association from all Gang Shi members, an important Arnen ally.
  • The Commonwealth held a coronation ceremony for its new king, Bowilla, a ceremonial sacrifice of theFinalGoat stoked controversy as many of his supporters expected him to become the new king instead.
  • wjkroeker looted an Estalia-Rhode Island coalition base in the nether for profit.
  • Moloka's high tax policy has sparked outrage in the country, protesting taxation without representation.
  • CivSMP has released its first episode highlighting several Civ players.
  • CivReign's latest teaser hints about bird nests.

November 21, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Specificlanguage and was edited by User:Des23.

From the Featured Article

A render of Breslau, Prussia's capital in its final state at the end of the world in Civcraft 2.0

The Kingdom of Prussia, more commonly known as simply Prussia was a nation on Civcraft 1.0 and Civcraft 2.0 as a country themed around the German Empire. Originally formed through the /int/ board on Krautchan, Prussia grew to be both a political and diplomatic power, starting with being part of the Southeastern Alliance (SEA) on 1.0. On 2.0, they were involved in several complicated relationships with the alliances of Civcraft 2.0 including joining with Grundeswald to form the Holy Krautchan Empire, participating in Goten Secession Conflict, and having crises with Holy Tree and New Phoenix.

Prussia was mostly known for its cultural aspects, along with their strong monarchist German theme and style of government, the country was also the founding place of the “Church of t”, similar to the modern day “g”. The country was also notable for hosting numerous megastructures especially on 2.0, whose builds included an opera house (which hosted the end of the world celebration), cathedral, harbor, numerous ships, university, palace, and palace gardens. After 2.0, Prussia announced they would not return for future iterations, although Prussians founded a new country called Sigmaringen in CivClassic, but have not returned since. (Full article...)

Current Events

The town square of Adria, the capital of the High Kingdom of Griffin
  • The Independent Southern Powers disabled the Rozian bunker, which had been protecting TheBoss after raiding one of their members, Ila'Kyavul last week.
  • A Farley War was held by Pavia, with the winning party, Sdorr, winning 32 emerald blocks.
  • Representatives from the Imperial Federation, Reggio Argeddina, Neo Sovia, Butternut County, and others held a summit in Western Boundary and formally split the Western portion of the Western Continent into a new continent, Karydia.
  • Imperial Federation chancellor Southw3st was pearled temporarily after griefing a cathedral, while released he was still punished severely internally.
  • CivMC admins have improved their backup strategy which should make restarting faster.
  • CivSMP launched this past weekend, running two play sessions. They implore players to watch Civ server subreddits for activity over the next week. Current participants are allowed to invite one other player each to join them on the server as well.

November 14, 2022

From the Featured Article

A render of the broken Holy Jaded Empire vault after the Infinity War.

Vaults are extremely fortified defensive structures on Civ servers, designed to hold and protect prison or exile pearls. Since its debut in a primitive form on Civcraft 1.0, vaults have seen numerous upgrades, both in size as well as design due to new mechanics such as snitches and Bastions. Vaults have played a large role in multinational server wars, including the Titan, Somber, Infinity and most recently Generic Wars; to prevent vaults and multinational wars from absorbing server politics, admins have taken various measures to prevent vaults on the borders of the server’s map and various other tactics to change the “vault meta”.

Main features of vaults are deep trenches to bedrock, acting as “rings” preventing attackers from reaching the center. At the center, a ground bunker contains a pyramid holding pearls. Additionally, a skybunker at sky limit allows attackers to defend above. So-called “vault scientists” attempt to optimize these components to make the best defensive vault possible. Many attempts to “break” vaults have been done using sky bridge attacks, such as the one at Tinian, which take a considerable amount of time and attacking prowess to successfully defeat defenders. (Full article...)

Current Events

Liguria, an Italian Riviera themed town in the heart of Lusitania.
  • The Commonwealth tore down what was known as "Watergate", a tall column of water stretching across the sea. It raised several protests from other nations who wanted the wall there.
  • ___TheBoss___ raided Ila'Kyavul's bunker on Sunday, and an Independent Southern Powers campaign started on the Rozia bunker to recover the looted materials and obtain his pearl.
  • ComradeNick has won a full term as Judge in Mount Augusta), after a close election with recurring adversary Ahme63.
  • Nara revealed the plot to its Halloween Murder Mystery, as well as the various clues involved in its mystery. It was discovered that several people were behind the plot to kill TolypeVelleda.
  • A crisis in Yoahtl's capital, Altepetl, saw individuals from Doom City and Estalia steal the Yoahtlan pigeon, after clues and hints from the week before.
  • The Monument Group in Pavia are currently selling new homes, after selling several homes the past month.
  • CivMarket is holding a building competition over the next couple of weeks, with potential victors winning diamonds or a free shop plot.

November 7, 2022

From the Featured Article

Caledonia's capital, Aberdeen and its city center, overlooking the village and city streets.

Caledonia was a country on CivClassic highly focused on economic development, and was one of the few culturally relevant countries located on the eastern half of the server. The country was founded by Wingzero54 and meat312, both former Yoahtlans who were tired of the country's government policy at the time. In addition to their economic activity, the country also engaged in diplomatic affairs with Wingzero becoming the first spokesperson of SATO, an alliance with many southwestern countries, and engaging in parts of server conflict in the War of The Coalition.

One of the major landmarks in Caledonia was the aptly-named Securemall, an obsidian case filled to the brim with XP, enchanted armor and tools, bastions, and other valuable items not normally found through regular mall shops. The country’s capital, Aberdeen, was also a major cultural hub as the Central Station was a transportation hub for the quadrant as well as expansive builds such as Castle Vroengard, a large fortress, HenryDraton’s palace, built after his departure from Mount Augusta and the Caledonia Library, an outdoor library located among the streets of the city center. Wingzero became an admin for CivClassic and today is the owner of CivMC, while many of Caledonia's residents currently live in Dalgon. (Full article...)

Current Events

Cottages within Bedford in Pavia, taken by ArtificialDriver.
  • CivMC players heavily lobbied admins to unban player SapienFrfx, who had been banned for using a VPN. After a post from Yodabird19 was made, Sapien was unbanned less than 30 minutes later. The main grievance has been the administration's slow response, after previous commitments to be more communicative with the player base.
  • Relations between Icenia and the Temporal Isles boiled over this week after small shenanigans between Icenian individuals and the Isles' government resulted in a relations breakdown.
  • A new alliance, the Independent Southern Powers, has been formed with members Cortesia del Mar, Venne, Ila'Kyavul, Arsenio Pact, and Nara joining for "regional collaboration, integration and unity."
  • The NDZHL hosted its first hockey matches since the Generic War, with the Naran national team defeating the visiting Lambat team with a score of 11-1.
  • Petrichor has recently built a new hospital, currently associated with the Blue Cross in The Commonwealth.
  • The Imperial Federation elected Southw3st as their new chancellor after 57 votes across the country's electoral districts.
  • CivVie is currently beginning development of their second beta, taking new feedback into account.

October 2022

October 31, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Specificlanguage and User:Prawny331.

From the Featured Article

Helios, the winner of the build contest on the server.

Devoted Hell was the most recent iteration in the Devoted franchise of Civ servers, run by ProgrammerDan and Convoy. The server was unique in that the Nether was the only playable dimension, forcing players to innovate in order to survive and thrive and build cities in the new environment changed by the Nether update. On launch, the server had four shards arranged in sequence, varying in difficulty and plugin makeup. Another new feature was the inclusion of the Jobs plugin, tying progression through the server’s tech tree to several MMO-like skills.

The server launched in January 2021; the server was planning to use a subscription model for users to play in order to fund the server’s expenses, though a rough launch left the server with rampant TPS issues due to faulty hardware. Before players joined the server, the server also attempted a tutorial system in its lobby. Among the most notable nations were Inferno and Helios, the latter winning a building contest on the server due to its massive scope. As the novelty wore off and the server’s issues became rampant, the server died after a couple of months, with Devoted teasing a fourth iteration shortly after. (Full article...)

Current Events

A rainy (and semi-spooky) autumn night in Samchester in Southshire.
  • Juliana, a self-proclaimed Mount Augusta successor, claimed over nearby Zakota for their territory, creating a diplomatic conflict between the three countries; while initially hostile, an agreement was made for sharing land between Juliana and Zakota.
  • New Jersey announced a build contest at their unveiling of Halloween Town, on Halloween of all places.
  • Nara implores outside investigators to take a closer look at the suspicious murder of citizen TolypeVelleda.
  • Icarus elected CredixYt as their new president after two rounds of voting.
  • Icenia and the Imperial Federation are starting their November elections, with many Senators running for reelection.
  • CivRev owner Owain_X has announced a whitelisted, survival-multiplayer server geared towards Civ named CivSMP, imploring existing Civ players to apply. Reactions have been mixed.
  • CivReign's latest teaser highlights an overhauled PvP system with improvements to autopots, Brewery, and chorus recalls.

October 24, 2022

From the Featured Article

The Statue of Athena of Alexandria, as approached from the sea.

Alexandria, officially the Free City of Alexandria, was a country on CivRealms self-described as “founded with the desire to provide a friendly place for newfriends to learn about basic server mechanics and the history of the server”. Growing from a Brewer's Guild, the city became the server’s most populous area, and seceded from Varathia due to its growing population. It became implicated in many wars throughout the server’s history, such as the Ez2War and being involved in minor conflicts in the USA War.

The main building in the city was the Newfriend Manor, intended as an entry point for newfriends to be introduced to the mechanics and plugins on the server. Among other landmarks in the city are the Statue of Athena, Temple of Sarapis, Ampitheatre, and the Lighthouse. Like many other countries, the country held territory in CivRealms’ various expansions, in this case, Solitude in the Thomas Archipelago. The country served as a quality example for newfriend orientation, however no direct successor in CivMC was created. (Full article...)

Current Events

The rail station at Estalia's under-construction market at 0,0.
  • An anti-Borian speech from an Imperial Federation government members (intended as a joke) resulted in outrage from Thorian players. An agreement was soon reached to treat Borians equally under the law.
  • Lambat's L-City was founded as a metropolitan district, however, due to a lack of candidates, president Kaprediem announced he would be picking the city's first mayor.
  • Danzilona celebrated its 10th anniversary on Civ servers, making it one of the longest running nations in Civ history. The country celebrated with a gathering last Wednesday.
  • The Mount Augusta Voter Tree was inexplicably missing, for the second time this iteration.
  • Southshire has announced a Halloween-themed Civball competition, asking nations to submit Halloween- or spooky-themed Civballs on their discord.
  • CivReign's latest teaser highlights the overhaul of farming and crops with the introduction of seasons, a long-hypothesized system of changing farming in Realistic Biomes.

October 17, 2022

From the Featured Article

The Kamakon Scriptorium, part of the Maester Alliance's headquarters in CivClassic’s iteration of Mount Augusta.

The Maester Alliance is a group of players preserving the stories, texts and accounts that have been written by other Civ players into in-game books. Players can be nominated to the alliance as Maesters by transcribing highly requested works, with 37 players being initiated as Maesters to this day. Most books transcribed by the Maesters have been from past iterations onto the current ones, using their own mod, Ghostwriter, to aid them in transcription, however other out of game books have been written in game.

The Maesters have been present on nearly every major Civ server, originating on Civcraft 1.0 all the way up to modern-day servers in CivClassic and CivMC. Each Civ iteration brings a new library design and headquarters, ranging from humble mining outposts to large grand central libraries and towers. Their intricate libraries, notably Shardore Tower Library, are set up with easily accessible book lists and a unique book classification system, allowing readers to borrow books easily. Today, the Maesters have set up two headquarters on CivMC in Yoahtl and Mount Augusta. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Fish Lady statue in Santiago, Cortesia del Mar's capital.
  • Mount Augusta elected wFangw as their new Governor this past week after a tight election with Asakuun, succeeding the previous governor ComradeNick.
  • Truidencia was raided and obbybombed by AlexanderTheBest and OLivay this past week; the former was eventually pearled by Estalia in the following days.
  • The Four Continent Concordat was created last week with signatories Pavia, Imperial Federation, Pridelands, and Venne all signing the treaty at Pavia's town hall.
  • Cortesia del Mar has elected its first presidential slate, including IceCarim as President and Yodabird19 as Vice President.
  • Pavia's longest serving crown prince, BritishWanderer III has died, with Creepi0n I succeeding him.
  • CivMC's latest update, which included city spawns, was pulled after issues and a lack of testing forced them to rollback the update.
  • CivReign's latest teaser hints at comprehensive transportation changes, including a buff to overground rails and expanded boats.

October 10, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Kaprediem.

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An overhead render of Lambat City during Civclassic 2.0.

The Republic of Lambat’s iteration in CivClassic was a democratic nation located in the shallow +,- quadrant. Lambat was a member of the Augustan Federation and Conference of Eastern States. In the server’s final year, Lambat grew from a small hamlet into a country that consisted of three provinces, one special administrative region (Greater Duskwood), and one chartered city, Lambat City, which was the country’s main hub of activity. distinct characteristic of Lambat are its references to Filipino culture, reflected in the architectural design of Lambat City, which took inspiration from Colonial era Philippines. The country also had American, Western European, and Hispanic influences.

Lambat was a constitutional democracy, with an elected President and Supreme Court. Bills were directly proposed by citizens, regardless of status. Lambat’s politics were gradually divided into two movements, arising from differences in views on its defense policy. Despite this, Lambat was overall a peaceful nation that advocated peaceful diplomacy among nations. It had positive relations with countries such as Capeland and Lusitania. Today, Lambat continues in a new iteration on CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

A new fish market in Provence, Lusitania.
  • Cortesia del Mar (CivMC) celebrated its transition of power this past weekend after passing a 136-page constitution; the country hosted a ceremony which saw half of the server appear in Santiago, its capital city.
  • Truidencia has put out a large bounty for the pearls of OLivay and AlexanderTheBest for raiding the country.
  • Icarus, Reggio Argeddina, the Hyperborean Confederation, among others have formed the "Neat Alliance That Won't Obbybomb", or NATWO.
  • Yoahtl's continued development of the second Great Overland Railway has reached developments in Lambat and Lusitania, with service planned to come soon.
  • Lambat has signed a border agreement treaty with Exilus take over former lands of Judea.
  • Pavian Crown Prince BritishWanderer III has survived his third dice day, a first for the royal line.
  • CivReign's latest teaser shows the use of multiple dimensions, including a underworld and nether dimensions, incentivizing players to build machines or find portals to travel between each.

October 3, 2022

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Squareblob's guide on snitches, made for CivClassic.

Snitches are special blocks used in Civ servers which players and groups can place to record and relay actions of other players within the block’s vicinity. The mechanic is enabled using a plugin called JukeAlert. Two types are used; Noteblocks can only output player entry, while more powerful jukeboxes can log nearly every interaction. This simple tool has allowed players to conduct surveillance of cities and builds, and is commonplace on Civ for monitoring builds and defensive structures for grief.

In conjunction with Citadel, JukeAlert and snitches have been a staple of security and protection on Civ-genre servers and its mechanics have been relatively unchanged. Due to its simple nature, players have made numerous tools for players to view and interact logs in many different fashions, from in-game mods like Gjum’s SnitchMod as well as out-of-game tools like Kira, a discord relay for snitch groups. (Full article...)

Current Events

Roma's market district currently being constructed in SPQR.

September 2022

September 26, 2022

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An ingame screenshot of Loveshack's palace in Civcraft 2.0.

Loveshack was a micronation on Civcraft 1.0 and Civcraft 2.0. Fully located within the borders of Mount Augusta, the country was an anarcho-queer monarchy focused on spreading the dogma of love, freedom of sexuality, and supporting the self-determination of all nations. The nation’s main reason for existence was simply to roleplay as a micronation. Much of its territory was divided in provinces, with small provinces focused on its palace, courtyard, and even a barstool in Prince Toastedspike’s favorite bar.

Despite its small size, Loveshack became involved in some diplomatic issues during its tenure on Civcraft, The longest war involved the French Mount Augustan province of Vanier, where continued military aggression eventually resulted in Mount Augusta recognizing Loveshack’s sovereignty in 2014. Loveshack was also engaged in conflicts with Orion, attempts to annex Grundeswald, and accession into the U3P, a military alliance in the +,+ quadrant. To this day, Loveshack remains the only successful attempt at a microstate in Civ, simultaneously being recognized officially and taking a lighthearted nature to culture and international relations in Civ. (Full article...)

Current Events

A render of Icenia, after cleaning up most grief from the Estalia-Rhode Island War.
  • The Security Enhancement Coalition, or SEC, has been formed with Icenia, Southshire, Kallos, Arsenio Pact and Cortesia del Mar.
  • Blockchainistan was defeated earlier this week after Estalia and Coalition fighters raided the nation following revelations of Blockchainistan aiding the USA.
  • The Imperial Federation has expanded its borders to include a number of both active and defunct nations in Deluvia; the country expects to hold its first democratic elections next week.
  • Pavia's and Icenia's cleanup efforts from the Estalia-Rhode Island War have been swift, with the former constructing a cathedral to celebrate its victory and an upcoming wedding, and the latter resuming their high-volume economic activities within the week.
  • The Mall of Lambat opens in the capital of its namesake country, hoping to host new shops and compete with the nearby return of CivMarket.
  • CivMC admins have committed to posting weekly updates for communicating player balance and upcoming changes; this week focusing on combat balance, upcoming advertising efforts, and committing to better transparency of admin decisions.

September 19, 2022

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An infographic of the UNC's nations and actions, created by BritishWanderer.

The United Northern Congress' first iteration (abbreviated UNC) was a strategic multi-national alliance in CivClassic between ten countries, mainly in the northeast quadrant of the map. While initially an economic and military alliance between Bloom and Gabon in late 2018, as more nations joined, the organization morphed into a collective diplomatic and defensive organization with each country electing representatives and also electing a spokesperson.

The Congress’ primary spokesperson, BritishWanderer helped countries navigate the early Infinity War in the quadrant with negotiations in the SPQR Border Crisis with Hallow as well as a diplomatic incident during the Clown Wars in Icenia. However, after an altercation with Corvus after the alliance was rumored to join the war alongside Mir, the alliance quickly dissolved in early July 2019. Nations joined other defensive alliances like the Entente and UDF, while a new iteration of the UNC would be created two years later. (Full article...)

Current Events

Tthe Atorasu Palace Library in Nara's capital city of Shiroyama, the largest residence and library in the country.
  • The Estalia-Rhode Island War came to a close last weekend as citizens from Estalia and Pavia as well as other nations that supported the coalition disabled and freed pearls from a vault and skybunker in Rhode Island city.
  • CivMC admins announced a blanket ban of nearly all Rhode Island and associated players, after a larger effort to crack down on players who were "engaging in server killing toxicity beyond toleration".
  • Icenia announced a large cleanup effort after Rhode Island players obbybombed their city for the fourth time prior to being banned. President ChrisChrispie was hopeful that the city would return to its former glory.
  • Blockchainistan pearled shadedoom of Petrichor as Estalia lost a heavily favored fight to remove Blockchainistan from the map, who had been implicated in aiding the USA.
  • The Imperial Federation, Hyperborean Confederation, Pridelands, and Venne all entered a new defensive alliance, called the Meridiem Compact, involving all nations around the South world border.
  • The Lambat Post announced new editions to be published ingame, the fourteenth edition is available at the Media Center in Lambat City.
  • The blanket ban allowed CivMC player count to rebound to upwards of 100 for the first time in months.

September 12, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Des23.

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The town hall in the main area of the Free Danzilonan Republic, affectionately known as the DanzHall.

The Free Danzilonan Republic (better known as simply Danzilona) is a sovereign nation located in the +,+ on CivMC. Danzilona is known for its strong diplomatic presence in the +,+ and slightly beyond despite its lack of much hard power, holding memberships in both the Forum of the Medi Sea and the Alenarith Forum as well as having a handful of dual citizens within the Lyrean Community. One of the hallmarks of Danzilonan culture is the New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL), which also acts as a powerful diplomatic tool. Some other notable features of Danzilona include the DanzShaft, the Teo River, the Great Melian Forest, and the people’s strong commitment to direct democracy. Recently, Danzilona has been undergoing a period of great expansion, bringing its neighbours Melia and Gensokyo into its fold. (Full article...)

Current Events

The viking-themed docks at Regentsburgh in the Imperial Federation.
  • Pavia was the site of another vault attack from USA as part of the Estalia-Rhode Island War; intended to be its last stand the country held strong after reinforcements arrived late in the night.
  • binchymonkey was pearled by Estalia after interfering with an attack on USA.
  • Mount Augusta's judge election was marred with drama after candidate SpeedyJustice accused the government of being involved in a plot to pearl him.
  • Lambat's latest presidential proclamation has closed the country's borders and is in the process of increasing defense efforts as a result of the war.
  • CivMC moderation has denied the unpearling of Phacad3 after claims of desynced clients were unable to be recreated.
  • Ez2Clutch's unsuccessful raiding in recent outings in Fempire and Rozia have led him to call for his retirement from raiding.
  • Pavia and Petrichor have declared a period of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

September 5, 2022

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A render of Carson's city in the ocean in Civcraft 2.0.

Carson's iteration in Civcraft 2.0 was one of the most influential cities in its iteration serving as a landmark for both cultural and economic activity on the server. The country was highlighted by its large city sunken into the ocean. By the server's end, the city was built up with large skyscrapers where many of its cooperatives were headquartered. The city operated using different cooperative companies to further the country's growth. Among notable cooperatives was Carson Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), which dug and built a large network of international underground rails stretching across the server. Its additional claim in the nether also played a large part during the Nox and Titan wars.

Carson's legacy lives on in many aspects of the Civ genre, while many notable residents would go on to become admins in future servers (notably, Jacinth_Joy on Civcraft 3.0 and iebagi on CivClassic), its city's design as a stronghold in the middle of the ocean has inspired new iterations like CivCorp in CivRealms, and CivMarket in CivMC, while its rail design has influenced future rail projects like the HITS and the Great Overland Railway. (Full article...)

Current Events

Provence, a brand new cozy retreat in Lusitania built into the landscape of the country.
  • Raiders Ez2Clutch and Vah have accused people of hacking due to Butternut officials discovering their vaults.
  • Blockchainistan has declared victory over the conflict between Titan Industries, and unilaterally unclaimed all Titan land, a very controversial action as Titan players continue to play.
  • A small conflict with the Imperial Federation occurred with the Hyperborean Confederation over land claims, these were quickly resolved as the former started claiming land towards the south.
  • Icenia elections have completed with Gjum, Motoko_Kusanagi, and Shadno all claiming seats for the first time, among many returning senators.
  • Danzilona elections have resulted in Des23 seemingly claiming victory over elections in the country.
  • CivMC admins have come under fire on various topics due to a lack of transparency on bans, tense relationships on development (with Brewery in particular), and a stagnant meta.
  • CivVie has released a beta to selected participants. Join their discord here.
  • CivReign have announced plans and mechanics on their upcoming server; many are reminiscent of mechanics from CivRealms.

August 2022

August 29, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Des23.

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An ingame screenshot of the makeshift Yurstead Wall built by Prussians and Grundeswegians.

The international relations between the Kingdom of Grundeswald and New Danzilona (NDZ) were geographically connected yet hostile between the two nations. Relations also included their respective multinational organizations, the Holy Krautchan Empire and the Danzilonan Federation, respectively. The two countries were close geographically and shared a border with each other's allies. Still, the two countries were not a part of any mutual organizations and were largely hostile to each other mostly on ideological grounds. As NDZ was a socially progressive liberal democracy and Grundeswald a far-right chauvinist empire, their citizens frequently conflicted with one another.

Although the two countries were initially friendly towards each other, tensions mounted from a series of griefings and pearlings throughout the summer of 2014 until finally culminating in the Yurtstead War, sometimes known as the Riverford War, which was a direct military confrontation over their land claims involving other nations such as Istanbul and Gensokyo over large border disagreements. No direct conflict occurred afterward, but their cold war ensued until the end of the server. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Free Danzilonan Republic's territory, with the Old Town (left) and the DanzShaft (right).
  • Tensions between Nara and Gensokyo came to a head as Saren_Solaris pearled two Gensokyojin fighters. The pearls are being stored in a spike in Butternut. Relations between both countries broke down, with Gensokyo and Mount Augusta leaving a diplomatic forum for the region. Players were also banned or pearled as a result of continued drama.
  • Titan Industries have revealed that Blockchainistan had been aiding the United States of America by producing XP and other materials for their cause in the ongoing war, which was the purpose behind snitching and raiding the country's infrastructure. Fighters from the accused countries attacked a Titan industries bunker and broke into the facility and disabled it.
  • CivRev's third iteration has started development in earnest, with development being focused on providing seasons and a more expansive tech tree.
  • The newly created Red Cross in The Commonwealth have sent an envoy and materials to Pavia for relief from the war.
  • Pavia's third crown prince, Gobblin I, has died, and BritishWanderer III has been unanimously elected in the country.
  • Tricon Industries announced the Commonwealth to be its headquarters after a "stunning" submission of a design.

August 22, 2022

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A screenshot of Icenia's Olympic Stadium as promotion for the Fifth Olympics, taken by MinerRick.

The Olympics held on CivClassic 2.0 were a recurring large scale community-run sports event. The events were inspired by their real life counterpart, as well as earlier attempts on Civcraft 2.0. The First Olympics was created by the Olympic Committee created by WackyAki and Feathercrown and held in the Olympic Village in Yoahtl in summer 2018. Subsequent iterations were held in The Commonwealth, Gensokyo, and Mount Augusta, with independent organizers, new venues, and different events for each iteration. Mainstay events included Spleef, Thimble, and PvP.

The Fifth Olympics was initially planned to be held in Columbia, however after a civil war and the outbreak of the Infinity War, the games were indefinitely postponed. Icenia announced in May 2021 that they would assume hosting duties for the Fifth Olympics, which would be held the next month. Columbia was finally able to host the Sixth Olympics in the country in December 2021 during the waning days of the server. Currently, no Olympics have been announced for CivMC. (Full article...)

Current Events

An ingame screenshot of Pavia showing the large extent of obbybomb in the country.
  • The ongoing Estalia-Rhode Island War has taken a turn towards other nations after failed attacks from Estalia. With Rhode Island's name being changed to the United States of America, the country declared war on Pavia, SPQR, Jorvik, and Moloka.
  • Pavia saw a large obbybombing of the country's major landmarks, and fought off a skybridge on their vault later that day. While USA leadership has stated they did not want to obbybomb them, no effort was made to stop it, stating USA would rather kill the server.
  • The next day, Icenia fought off a large offensive from Rhode Island as well, with much of the city being griefed. Defense minister Lagiacrus was also pearled during the defense of their vault. The next day saw USA fighters successfully break into their vault.
  • So far, no rationale has been given for these attacks besides a minor amount of aid to Estalian efforts; Pavia has for aid from other nations to prevent further damage.
  • Ez2Clutch has been unpearled and switched sides from Estalia to the USA. He has been associated with Vah raiding other nations across the server including Nara, Icenia and Yoahtl.
  • Petrichor officially became part of Icenia after citizens held a vote.

August 15, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:AmandaCC.

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An engraving of the Mery central sun deity, Tshola, as seen on Vintage Civ.

The Mery are a group of religious and political role-players and friends emerging from the second CCCP during CivClassic 2.0. They have played on multiple iterations of Civ, including CivRev, Vintage Civ, and CivMC. Some consider their origins to start back in Civcraft 3.0, with Pythius codifying the roleplay-heavy anarchistic factionalism in the nation of Endeavor.

The Mery culture began with the codification of the First Law of the Mery Horde. They have eventually developed a unique culture including a constructed language, called Mehrileh, and religion, Rhay'atshola, revolving around a central sun deity, Tshola. Today, the Mery, aim to have a presence globally, having formed an independent settlement, Djani'hweh, in the northeast quadrant of CivMC, but have branched out to multiple different nations, including Danzilona. (Full article...)

Current Events

An overhead render of Nara's capital, Shiroyama created by prawny331.
  • After a former leader of Rhode Island returned, calls for peace came from leadership after gthomas4 recently returned as the "Revolutionary" Government. In one such instance, they released Shadno, a merchant from Icenia.
  • The ongoing Estalia-Rhode Island War still continued over the week with many different attacks, culminating in a failed Estalian skybridge attack on the Rhode Island bunker.
  • Pavia was also the victim of a few attacks from Rhode Island, after attacking snitches and making a small skybridge for reconnaissance purposes.
  • After Vah's continued raiding on the server in many different places left Fellowship without assistance, Butternut annexed the territory and allowed the country to form a new province.
  • Mount Augusta is expected to elect ComradeNick to a second term in its second mayoral election.
  • Pacem signed a treaty with Rivenfall; the two countries had grown together on the server and decided on a mutual defense pact.
  • The Tricon Corporation has announced a new building competition to build their headquarters.

August 8, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Des23.

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MtA fighters and allies invade the Gensokyojin capital of New Detroit, 8/8/2015

The Goten Secession Conflict was a conflict on Civcraft 2.0 between Mount Augusta and Gensokyo, as well as their supporters, over the validity of the secession attempt of the Gensokyojin city of Goten in New Detroit. The inhabitants of Goten had become alienated from the rest of Gensokyo over Goten's increasing contributions to the nation's factories, which the rest of the Gensokyojins took advantage of despite being less active. Goten also had a relatively tolerant and welcoming culture compared to the hard-line conservatism of the country's leadership. After seceding from Gensokyo, Goten requested to be annexed by Mt. Augusta, which they obliged, pitting the city and Gensokyo against each other.

Alliances were formed to back each side and a standoff ensued. Gensokyo formed a coalition including Grundeswald, Prussia, Hjaltland, and the FSR, while Mount Augusta gained support from Nox and ISIS. After a two-hour standoff outside Goten, Mount Augustan-aligned fighters charged in and claimed victory over the Gensokyojin forces who had left. Eventually, this resulted in a final withdrawal of the Gensokyojin side, as well as acceptance of Mount Augusta's sovereignty over Goten on August 8, 2015. (Full article...)

Current Events

A currently under-construction market in Tenseimiya, Gensokyo's main city.
  • The ongoing war between Estalia and Rhode Island has seen fighting around both nations, concentrated in 0,0 (G-Mall), a slime farm in Rhode Island, and a shared nether portal.
  • After Rhode Island obbybombed G-Mall and a statue at 0,0, Pavia and the Lyrean Community released a statement condemning the obbybombing.
  • Icenia has also spoken out against Rhode Island after fighters pearled Shadno for supposedly aiding Estalia during the war. No evidence nor a trial timeline has been released.
  • Icarus and Western Boundary have both released bounties for AbbyShapiro, a raider who has been raiding many different nations throughout the server.
  • CivMC admins have been cracking down on players posting a GIF of a dog peeing; the moderators argue that the video falls under their NSFW policy.
  • Kallos and Wolken have both joined the Arsenio Pact, a collection of nations mainly located in Alenarith.
  • The New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL) has announced a new season, with teams representing nations around the Medi Sea.

August 1, 2022

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A render of the bombing of Valyria City, a major part of the Siege of Columbia during the war.

The NATO-Mir War, often known as the Infinity War, was a long-term conflict on CivClassic primarily fought by the namesakes of the war, the NATO alliance and Mir. Both primary belligerents of the war were large military and defensive blocs during CivClassic. Lasting from 2019 to mid-2020, the war is currently the longest on any Civ iteration; its long length gave way to its alternate name. The war has sometimes been regarded as a natural successor of the Titan and Somber Wars, with many having military experience in those wars as well as being fought and ending in similar ways.

While the war started from skirmishes in and around Mount Augusta, the widespread scale of the war caused server population to decline. NATO-supported nations such as caused other conflicts across the server, such as the War of the Coalition and the Entente-Laconia War throughout late 2019 and early 2020. These forced many uninvolved nations in the UDF and Entente to join the war, and eventually help contribute to breaking multiple NATO vaults for over a week at the end of the war. (Full article...)

Current Events

A picture of Margaritaville, an island nation hosting a relaxing beach vacation & multiple activities and games.
  • War broke out between Estalia and Rhode Island, after repeated aggression from Rhode Islanders not honoring the non-aggression pact. Some high-profile Rhode Island leaders have been pearled, while Estalia has had no casualties so far.
  • Nations have reacted in many different ways; some like Pavia are expressing concern near their borders, while a large coalition of nations have agreed to stay neutral, known as the Non Aligned Movement.
  • Vah's raiding was stopped by newfriends who killed (but did not pearl) him, burning his armor. Raids have so far not continued as a rumor that Vah has been banned is spreading.
  • The Kingdom of ErrorL had many incidents last week, ranging from being bombed with hay, to its discord being deleted, to unsuccessfully attacking Rhode Island.
  • Icenia, Truidencia, and Danzilona are holding their monthly elections, with Icenia's council also planned to extend to seven seats from five to reflect the city's growth.
  • CivMC migrated its server to a new physical machine, taking most of the day Saturday to increase server performance.
  • Vintage Civ has outlined updates to its server for 1.17, including new pylon-like recruitment tools and expanded cartography.
  • Dirt was invaded by and then defeated Moloka, however Dirt was then annexed by their invaders shortly after peacefully.

July 2022

July 25, 2022

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A selection of CivTCG legendary players sold from the Promo set.

The Civ Trading Card Game, better known as CivTCG, is a trading card game developed by Lodish, mainly focused on famous players, locations and history in Civ culture. While gameplay is similar to other trading card games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, the card game could only be played on Civ servers (or Tabletop Simulator). Cards for the game were sold in CivClassic and are being sold on CivMC.

Special Promo cards were eventually added later on, obtained in unique ways across each server, such as playing a game of Thimble in Meditat to obtain the 'Thimble' card, or helping to destroy a NATO vault during the NATO-Mir War. Additional sets were also released late in CivClassic's lifetime, related to Yoahtlan and Gensokyojin culture. A new expansion focused on CivMC is currently being created. Cards are currently being sold in Altepetl in Yoahtl. (Full article...)

Current Events

Lusitania's train station in Portucale, based on a real life station in São Bento built by banyough and Metriximor.

July 18, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Des23.

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A map of the alliances at the end of the world of Civcraft 2.0.

The alliances of Civcraft 2.0 were major alliances spread across the second iteration of Civcraft, allied more geographically than ideologically. Alliances during this iteration were sparse and had little overlap compared to other alliances or non-aggression pacts in CivClassic or CivMC. Many took its namesake from the area the alliance resided in. Although many were largely military alliances they sometimes had internal free trade or infrastructure agreements with each nation. No alliances directly declared war on each other, but connections came into play in a number of military confrontations, including the Yurtstead War and the Goten Secession Conflict.

Of the five alliances that survived at the end of Civcraft 2.0, the only alliance that can be clearly traced back to these origins are the United Provinces of the Plus Plus (U3P) members that played in the Volans shard in Civcraft 3.0; currently many play in the Free Danzilonan Republic or Mery. Many alliances, like the Great Northern Alliance were a large plurality of nations that maintain iterations in CivMC but no longer ally with each other. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Samchester Citadel in Southshire, a defensive structure housing a market and residential plots inside, built by RoboRik.

July 11, 2022

From the Featured Article

A render of Fellowship's mall inside the Hexagon on Civcraft 2.0.

Fellowship was a nation on Civcraft 2.0 based on the ideals of friendship and cooperation. The nation was well known in Civcraft 2.0 for building the Hexagon, a megastructure built into the central mountains of the country that was widely known as one of the server's main trading and travel hubs. The structure was divided into many layers and housed large shops on its lower floors and residences on its upper floors. Additional area was planned via so-called "hexpansions", but these were never completed.

The country maintained good relations with most of its neighbors in the northeast quadrant, being one of the mainstays of the North Eastern Alliance. Despite internal disputes such as the Bedford Dispute, the country maintained consistent growth and continued to be a safe haven for shopping during the Titan War due to their anti-raider policy. Other districts in the country included Fardis, a haven for private mansions, and Lightbarrow, home of one of the largest portal farms on the server. Although no direct successor of the country was created, some of the nation's denizens would later become citizens in Concordia. (Full article...)

Current Events

Icenia's rail station located in the heart of Icenia City, built by LordChieftain.
  • The Hyperborean Confederation declares war on Prideland, after Prideland players raided and log-boxxed a Hyperborea cabinet member.
  • After skybridges were built and bunkers were discovered in Estalian territory, Rhode Island fighters were dispatched to defend said bunker. Later, Rhode Islanders disabled an Estalian ice road. Although no conflict arose, the bunker was disabled and both Utopia and Rhode Islanders were banned from the country. Rhode Island later apologized for their actions, and a mutual understanding was reached between the two nations.
  • A conflict between Cordoba and a Icarian citizen eventually landed with Rhode Island leadership brokering a temporary peace.
  • Petrichor, Icenia, and Southshire created the Mutual Defense and Support Coalition, an alliance to maintain friendship and prosperity in their nations. The Commonwealth and Batavia also joined the alliance.
  • The final CivMarket plots were sold with bids as high as 150 diamonds, with some plots being built up over the past week.
  • Cortesia del Mar and Aurellia were merged into one state, continuing to be known as Cortesia del Mar.

July 4, 2022

From the Featured Article

An overhead view of Pacem on CivClassic 2.0, rendered by RektTangle.

The Free City of Pacem is a nation on CivClassic and CivMC, founded on June 12, 2017. The city-state is focused on commerce, culture and diplomacy on its CivClassic iteration. Its city was widely known for its expansive Art Deco and Beaux Arts architecture reminiscent of a 1920s-era New York City. Originally a city-state, the country became an autonomous state of Yoahtl between May 2019 and February 2020.

Many of the city's landmarks in CivClassic are named and inspired by Classical Liberal thinkers, including the Ayn Rand Opera House, the Frederic Bastiat Bridge, and the Herbert Spencer Tower. The city also housed the Hayek Market District and played host to a vibrant economy providing many XP material shops and architecture firms throughout the city. Pacem also was the headquarters of the Liberty Gazette, a classical newspaper highlighting major domestic and international events. Today, the country exists on CivMC, hoping to exceed the level of building that was present in their previous state on CivClassic. (Full article...)

Current Events

A replica of Sauron's eye in Petrichor, built by reffelruz from The Commonwealth as a reference to the End Citadel on CivClassic 2.0.

June 2022

June 27, 2022

The featured article this week was co-contributed by User:Yodabird19, User:Tvman and User:Specificlanguage.

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A view of the skyline of Mount Augusta, rendered by Jasonbord.

Mount Augusta's iteration in CivClassic 2.0 was a large city-state, centered around democracy, legalism, and limited government. After its initial stint near Tierra de Conciencia, the country settled near The Commonwealth and became a populous center of activity near the middle of the map. The city played a major role in the start of the 18-month NATO-Mir War, and had over ten mayors over its lifespan.

The city was also an economic and cultural capital of the server; the Maester Alliance and the Order of St. Marcus held its headquarters in the city at Shardore Tower Library, the Augustan Trade Center and nearby Mount Augusta Mall, and organized the Fourth Olympics on the server. The city also had many distinct districts which became its own territories such as South Augusta, Sealand, Insula, and Union of Socialist Augusta. The nation collapsed after players migrated over to a new iteration in CivRealms 2.0, while much of its territory was inherited by Mount September. (Full article...)

Current Events

Pavia's town hall, a large and prolific megabuild constructed this past week.

June 20, 2022

The featured article this week was contributed by User:Prawny331.

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The skybridge on the Hell Vault during the First Hell War.

The First Hell War was a large conflict in CivRealms 2.0 focused around the siege of the vault of the same name. The war started on June 18th, 2020 following a stealth break of the vault of Varathia by a group of citizens from the former nation of Savaguard led by a Carbon outcast and a group of citizens known together the Hell Gang. A healthy majority of the server rushed to Varathia's aid, fighting through a gruesome siege over several days, including an extended 12 hour truce over Father's Day. This war marked a notable turning point on the server, and laid the groundwork for the Second Hell War and the Great War, the latter of which led to the server's eventual death. This also marked the first crack in the previously strong alliance between Cantina and Blackwater, after Blackwater betrayed the coalition and accepted the Hell Gang into their ranks. Estimates put the number of unique accounts on the coalition side at over 115, against some 10-15 defenders. (Full article...)

Current Events

The Lusitania waterfront on the coast of the Medi Sea, courtesy of Metriximor and RektTangle
  • After a long grueling campaign and a controversial election, the first elected mayor of Mount Augusta is ComradeNick. His primary opposition, Ahme63, was given a cupboard (or cabinet) role in his government and aims to make policies progressive to the city while also staying true to past iterations.
  • Tensions between Communion of Kū and nearby Estalia have become public, as Estalian individuals killed Kū Warden Black_Fusion. Estalia's conflicting claims of the territory against the small nation have caused diplomatic conflict, with the community being unhappy of Estalia trying to be a friendly merchant nation juxtaposed with the external view of a World Police.
  • Technical issues and lagspikes continue to plague CivMC, with the player cap going down unannounced to 125. The team continues to try and curb low TPS issues from plugins like RealisticBiomes. Admins also onboarded LordOfMarzipan to be the first superfriend, an elevated moderator-like position.
  • Two different full maps of CivMC's land/ocean layout have been released by xFier and TheJmqn, both are available on CivMap.
  • Dirt has launched a building competition, where builders can only make builds out of dirt-based blocks.

June 13, 2022

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Team logos for Season Two of the NDZHL.

The New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL) was a Minecraft hockey league active on Civcraft 2.0. The league pioneered the spread of Minecraft hockey and regular organised sports on Civ servers. The league and Minecraft hockey was created by New Danzilona citizen RoarkLeSkif, who was head of the league from its creation until his resignation in its second season. The NDZHL was not only important in developing a distinct Danzilonan identity, but it also had positive and negative diplomatic effects between its competing nations, as well as just being fun. Teams hailed from a multitude of nations, including Mount Augusta, Little Latvia, and Orion, with creative team names for each. Although hockey continued to be played on Civcraft 3.0 and occasionally on Civclassic 2.0 in Provincia, a formal hockey league has yet to be revived since its dissolution. (Full article...)

Current Events

An artful map of nations around the Lyrean Sea, made by hitobashuru and the Pavian Bureau of Semiography.
  • Tensions between Bergburg and the Fempire Union reached a boiling point when Zelmisburg led a raid of the nation along with the Kingdom of ErrorL, however Zelmisburg shortly dropped out of Civ entirely despite many unwarranted grievances with the nation, and KOEL offered to repay all damage caused by their actions, as their raiding was unwarranted.
  • After a relatively smooth launch week, large, occasional lagspikes force many players on CivMC to be kicked from the server, and back into the queue, for no discernible reason, frustrating many players.

June 6, 2022

From the Featured Article

Shardore Tower, the Order of St. Marcus' and the Maester Alliance's headquarters.

The Order of St. Marcus was a builder's organization active throughout CivClassic that sought to create high-quality builds across the server. It was started in February 2018 by Gobblin and Maester Logic_Man in Mount Augusta in honor of fellow retired Maester Marcus_Flaminius. Through the Journey of the Placed Block, the organization encouraged players to improve the looks of towns and cities across CivClassic, at a time when many buildings lacked flair. With build competitions and a point system, they called on other builders to create beautiful buildings on the server, from lowly houses to large government buildings, rail stations, libraries and more. Eleven nations on the server, most notably Gabon, Varkonia and the Commonwealth contained numerous builds which contributed to the Order's mission. (Full article...)

Current Events

The first claims map on CivMC posted by TheJqmn.
  • CivMC was released last Thursday, June 2. On the day of launch, Wingzero released notes on the new features that would be arriving. A new trailer was created by Dilluexe in anticipation of launch.
  • The server's launch saw over 400 players attempting to joining the server at launch, making it one of the biggest Civ server launches on record. Despite high numbers throughout the weekend, there was scarce interruption over launch weekend. Continuous technical support was made throughout the weekend to increase the number of players on the server and fix a few errant bugs in production.
  • Many countries surprisingly posted their claims within the first few days, with many claiming large claims over the world. From the aftermath on the subreddit, many nations like Arsenio Pact, Rhode Island, and Zatoka saw claim conflicts on their surrounding nations.
  • One large complaint on launch was the server's queue; the high demand during the launch weekend and peak hours saw long queues reaching over 100, the admins have confirmed they are working on upgrading the server and introducing sharding to increase the overall server population.

May 2022

May 30, 2022

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A render of the Gensokyo temple under the trees of Eilon in Civcraft 3.0.

Civcraft 3.0 (also known as Civcraft: Worlds or simply 3.0) was the final iteration of the Civcraft line of servers. Announced at the end of Civcraft 2.0, the admins wanted the iteration to be more ambitious by being the first Civ iteration to introduce sharding, a way of breaking up the server into pieces and handle the massive load of players, and also overhaul Citadel and FactoryMod to make a slower, RPG-like progression. After the end of CivTemp in May 2016, its launch was delayed by two weeks in July due to cave generation issues. 3.0 was launched on July 30, 2016 with 15 unique shards. Although the initial launch was successful, many complained about the unequal distribution of RealisticBiomes with ores and crops which increased scarcity, the increasingly hostile and insular interactions with other players for space, frustrations with the slow tech tree, and the small size of shards. Although many efforts were made from the admins to remedy these issues and recover the player base, in October 2017, ttk2, the owner of the server, announced that he would be stepping down, effectively shutting down Civcraft 3.0 as population dropped. (Full 'article'...)

Current Events

A frame from a highly reposted gif from discord user HaKr_ anticipating the release of launch.

May 23, 2022

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A screenshot of World Police fighters breaking the Nox vault during Civcraft 2.0.

The World Police (abbreviated WP) has been a label used to describe various people, groups, and organizations throughout almost all of Civ history. The uniting characteristic of those who've earned the moniker "World Police", whether organized or unorganized is the heavy involvement in international combat operations. This usually involves bounty hunting raiders but also more notably taking part in wars against PVP-oriented groups, such as the HCF. The origins of the World Police date back to the formal organisation that beared the name on Civcraft 1.0, evolving into a more informal network of fighters on Civcraft 2.0 before becoming the formal patchwork of alliances of nations on CivClassic 2.0 that most are familiar with. Across all servers, opinions on the WP are mixed as many not only associate them with crime fighting but also alt-raiding, sovereignty-breaching, and permapearling. (Full article...)

Current Events

A picture for a petition on PvP policies on CivMC.

May 16, 2022

Articles were contributed by User:Thejmqn.

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A render of Salisbury, the capital of Gabon.
Gabon was a nation located in the northwest quadrant of CivClassic founded on June 10th, 2018. Gabon existed as part of a political union with the larger nation of Varkonia until October 2020 when a referendum was held resulting in the nation's independence. Gabon was well-known for its high-quality builds and stable government. Its capital, Salisbury, was one of the largest cities on CivClassic. Gabon is planning on moving to CivMC when the server releases as the nation of Pavia.

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Current Events

The Flag of Estalia.

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