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Official logo of CivReign
Basic Info
Start DateApril 9th, 2022
OwnerKannonKyle, Cortwade, Owain_X
AdminsLongboyy, MetalHusband
Minecraft Version1.16 - 1.18

CivReign is an in-development civ server currently in open beta, whose development was announced publicly on the 12th of November, 2021[1]. The first public beta was released on April 9th, 2022, with the formal launch of the server being planned for January 27, 2023.[2] The goal of CivReign is to innovate the civ genre by expanding the tech tree by building off old plugins and introducing new plugins.[3]



CivReign had been in development since August 2021, but it was publicly announced on November 12th, 2021. The server was initially planned to be run on 1.12.2 but an expansion of the staff team allowed the server version to be moved to 1.16.5. The administration initially communicated to the community through DevDiaries posted on the subreddit. The alpha of the server was initially planned to be launched on January 22nd, but due to a lack of factory configurations it had to be delayed. The project remained inactive until it was announced that CivRev would be merging with CivReign to centralize development under the umbrella of CivUnion, with CivRev acting as a test server. After more config work was done, the server pre-alpha was announced on February 22nd and launched on February 24th for patrons and their invitees only. A public beta was announced on March 28th, with a launch date of April 9th. It is unknown how long the beta will last.

The start of the CivRegin meme

First Beta

Released on April 9th, 2022, at 12pm EST, the first beta saw various successes, albeit with some much needed fixes. A tournament was held as well, to help rally up support, (along with giving people something to do during a much-needed reset to fix some problems with the resource pack), and was won by Bob_The_Builder after some minor errors allowed them to be respawned and duel off against a previous opponent, winning themselves a 20 dollar gift card. The first beta has officially ended on September 30th, 2022.[4]

Server Release

On December 31st, 2022, at 7pm EST, the official release of the server was dated for January 27th, 2023. While it has been confirmed certain elements from the previous beta such as Descent has been removed, various other plugins and additions have been added in order to facilitate the growing vision of the server, including an overhaul of the tech tree, various additional plugins to help facilitate the need of travel and economics, but will still include the preban lists, and a new ruling being placed outright banning botting. Along with that, on January 9th, a hint was given to the release time, which would be followed up the next day as 5 pm EST, or 10 PM UTC.

Server Rules

Gameplay Rules

  • No cheating. Any modded client which causes undue load on the server may be kicked or banned for resource abuse.
  • Players are limited to 1 account, and no alts. Botting will not be allowed on this account.[5] Players will need to verify their account through their hub.[6]
  • No VPNs or bypassing the whitelist. To appeal your loss of access, simply message a moderator or the Community Manager.
  • Cheating is against the rules. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
    • Using xray or any other kind of tool to retrieve information about blocks that would not be retrievable in a vanilla client
    • Using auto clickers, kill aura, reach or any other kind of client side modification which gives a direct advantage in PvP combat.
    • Using fast break, interact hacks or any other kind of modification allowing behavior which is impossible to achieve with a vanilla client.
    • Intentionally exploiting unintended mechanics to circumvent major aspects of the server's balance.
    • Abusing bugs of any kind, especially item duplication.

Botting Rules

  • Bots are allowed to read any inventory, their selected hot bar slot, their own location, their health, their hunger, their potion effects, their EXP, their boss bar, chat messages, kick reasons, player logins/logouts, the tab list and nothing else.
  • Reading environmental data in particular is not allowed. This includes the location of any entities and any block.
  • You are only allowed to read server provided chat messages, not ones generated by client side mods
  • If you are developing your own botting framework, different rules may apply so that your bot obeys the laws of physics. Contact an admin if you need further clarification
  • Bots/scripts are not allowed to automate mining or the building of infrastructure. If you are unsure if your bot meets requirements, reach out to the admin team for clarification.

General Rules

  • Assisting another player in avoiding a ban or otherwise circumventing the rules is bannable. Entrapping or threatening another player into avoiding a ban or otherwise circumventing the rules is also bannable.
  • Knowledge about severe rule breaking is incriminating. If you know about someone breaking the rules but fail to report it you may be punished as well. Even more so the case if you actively profited from their rule breaking.
  • You are not allowed to play CivReign if you are below the age of 13
  • Any violation of Local, State, Federal, or any other jurisdiction where our services are located, law will be reported to the proper authorities and met with a ban
  • Severe rule violations on our out of game services like Reddit or Discord may lead to ingame bans
  • Use of the world download mod, replaymod, or other mod that creates an offline version of areas of CivReign, for the purposes of obtaining otherwise unknown information is not permitted.
  • Using VPN, VPS or any kind of proxy to avoid a ban or alt ban is not allowed.
  • Trading ingame goods or services for out of game goods or services (including RMT) is not allowed. If you are unsure whether this applies to what you are planning, ask first.
  • Using Optifine Resource Packs (CIT) to visualize additional item information not available in the vanilla client (like armor durability or enchants) is not allowed
  • Distributing malicious software of any kind is not allowed



Citadel Infographic (by Seekinq)
Bastion Infrographic (by Seekinq)

Citadel allows placed blocks to be reinforced. This makes griefing more difficult; however, reinforcing a block costs resources. These resources vary depending on the server. CivReign's resources and their assigned values are listed in the table below. This plugin works by requiring reinforcement blocks under a foreign group to require multiple block breaks before the block is finally destroyed. When the block has been broken the designated number of times(based on the reinforcement material) it will look like a regular block. The amount of times a block must be broken depends on the level of reinforcement used. In order to break reinforced blocks more efficiently, multiple players can break the same block simultaneously.

Reinforcement Values (First Beta)
Reinforcement material Strength Maturation
Stone 100 5 min
Iron 250 15 min
Diamond 500 4 hrs
Steel 1000 12 hrs
Tempered 1250 24 hrs
Warded 2000 48

Acid Blocks

In order to combat grief using reinforced blocks, acid blocks(gold blocks in game) can be used remove reinforced blocks. To use acid blocks, the player must put the acid block under the reinforced block that they want to get rid of, and reinforce it with the same material that the unwanted block is reinforced with. Once the acid block is matured, the player will need to look at the acid block and type /ctacid. The gold block and its reinforcement will be recovered, but the unwanted block will disappear.

Reinforcement Material Acid Maturation
Stone 10 min
Iron 30 min
Diamond 8 hrs
Steal 24 hrs
Tempered 36 hrs
Warded 48 hrs

Citadel Commands

  • /ctr While holding a reinforcement material in your hand, type this command and right-click on the block that you wish to reinforce.
  • /ctb This command allows you to bypass your own reinforcement(on by default). Type this command and breka your reinforced block to retrieve your materials.
  • /ctf Type this command while a reinforcement material is in your inventory and the blocks you place will become reinforced.
  • /cti Type this command and punch a reinforced block to get the name of the reinforcement material, strength, and maturation information.

Realistic Biomes

Realistic Biome Infographic (by Seekinq)

Realistic biomes changes the rate at which crops grow depending on the biome that they are planted in. Other factors such as light level, light object, soil depth, etc also affect the growth times. As a general rule of thumb, most crops will grow best when put in direct sunlight and on solid ground.

CivReign Realistic Biome Values
Biome Wheat Carrot Potato Beetroot Cocoa Sugarcane Netherwart Melon Pumpkin Cactus Oak Dark Oak Birch Spruce Jungle Acacia
Swamp 12 hr 18.5 hr 12 hr 150 hr 24 hr 24 hr 291 hr 36 hr 18 hr N/A 36.1 hr N/A 36.1 hr N/A 72.75 hr 96 hr
Swamp Hills 32 hr 24 hr 32 hr N/A 60 hr 150 hr 192 hr 72 hr 24 hr N/A 48 hr N/A 48 hr 111.6 hr 72.75 hr 111.6 hr
Taiga 12 hr 24 hr 8 hr 24 hr N/A N/A N/A N/A 36 hr N/A 72.75 hr 8 hr 72.75 hr 36.6 hr N/A N/A
Taiga Hills 32 hr 60 hr 12 hr 60 hr N/A N/A 145.5 hr N/A 72 hr N/A 96 hr 8 hr 96 hr 48 hr N/A N/A
Snowy Taiga 60 hr 150 hr 60 hr 18.5 hr N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 48 hr N/A N/A
Snowy Taiga Hills 85.75 hr 200 hr N/A 24 hr N/A N/A 96 hr N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 72.75 N/A N/A
Giant Spruce Taiga 32 hr 60 hr 12 hr 60 hr N/A N/A 145.5 hr N/A 72 hr N/A 96 hr 8 hr 96 hr 48 hr N/A N/A
Giant Spruce Taiga Hills 60 hr 150 hr 32 hr 150 hr N/A N/A 192 hr N/A 144 hr N/A 111.6 hr 12.1 hr 111.6 hr 72.75 hr N/A N/A
Jungle 60 hr 150 hr 32 hr N/A 24 hr 24 hr 291 hr 36 hr 144 hr N/A 111.6 hr N/A 111.6 hr N/A 48 hr 96 hr
Jungle Hills 85.75 hr 200 hr 60 hr 200 hr 60 hr 60 hr 182 hr 72 hr 72 hr N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 72.75 hr 111.6 hr
Plains 12 hr 60 hr 60 hr 150 hr 200 hr 60 hr 192 hr 36 hr 72 hr 8.33% chance 96 hr 12.1 hr 96 hr N/A 111.6 hr 48 hr
Forest 32 hr 24 hr 32 hr N/A 60 hr 150 hr 192 hr 72 hr 24 hr N/A 48 hr N/A 48 hr 111.6 hr 72.75 hr 111.6 hr
Shattered Savanna 8 hr 24 hr 32 hr 60 hr 150 hr 24 hr 290.9 hr 24 hr 36 hr 5.45% chance 48 hr 8 hr 48 hr N/A 96 hr 36.9 hr
Wooded Hills N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Birch Forest 12 hr 18.5 hr 12 hr 150 hr 24 hr 24 hr 291 hr 64 hr 18 hr N/A 36.1 hr N/A 36.1 hr N/A 72.75 hr 96 hr
Beach 18.2 hr 150 hr 60 hr N/A 60 hr 60 hr N/A 18 hr 72 hr 6.25% chance N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 96 hr


After the official end of CivEx, Descent was left without a home, until the suggestion of the Reign staff team led to Kannon contacted Samnrad and EarthComputer about their plugin, eventually leading to the pair officially joining the Reign's team, finishing the final touches on their plugin (Descent was essentially finished by the end of CivEx). The current status of Descent is unknown as to whether or not it will be in full release as it is not planned to be added in the second beta.

In game, Descent "caves" are spawned randomly when mining and are shown as shulker boxes but have a custom look when using the server texture pack. To enter a cave, a player must click on the chat message and they will be teleported to a new dimension. A player can leave the cave by either exiting through the same portal or by typing /descent leave in chat, however this has a 15 minute cooldown. Each cave is procedurally generated and therefore has it's own unique mobs, ores, fauna, and terrain. These caves are necessary to obtain certain materials that are not available in the default dimension but are required to advance along the tech-tree.[7]


NameLayer Infographic (by Seekinq)
This menu can be accessed by typing '/nl'

Namelayer is a Citadel reinforcement group manager that allows different groups to be created within the game. This includes access to buildings, chat groups, and other various in game mechanics.

The long list of commands can be avoided:

  • /nl [group name] - This opens the NameLayer menu

When /nl is typed without a group name, a screen with an array of chestplates will appear. Each chestplate type corresponds with a different permission level.

Chestplate Permission
Leather Member
Gold Mod
Iron Admin
Diamond Owner

Each level has it's own set of default permissions. These can be seen and/or edited by clicking on the associated chestplate. A player's abilities within this Namelayer group will be reliant on what level they are and which individual permissions they are granted at this level. There will be one chestplate that is enchanted, this is a player's default group. This is the group that blocks will be reinforced to when /ctf is typed.

Namelayer Active Commands
Namelayer command Function
/nlcg <group> [password] Creates a group, optionally with password
/nlsp <group> <password> Adds password to an existing group
/nljg <group> <password> Joins a password protected group
/nlag <group> Accepts an invitation to a group
/nlbl <group> <player> Blacklists a player in a group
/nldg <group> Deletes a group
/nlip <group> <player> (PlayerType- default MEMBERS) Invites player to a group with optional rank
/nlleg <group> Leaves a group
/nlmp <group> <add/remove> <PlayerType> <PermissionType> Modifies the permissions of a group.
/nlpp <group> <player> <playertype> Promotes/Demotes a Player in a group
/nlrg <group> Rejects an invitation to a group.
/nlubl <group> <player> Removes a player from the blacklist for a group
/nlrm <group> <member> Removes a member from a group.
/nlri <group> <player> Revokes an invite
/nlsdg <group> Sets or changes default group
/nltaai Toggles the auto-acceptance of invites
/nltg <group> <player> Transfers a group to another owner
/nlunlink </super group> Unlinks two groups from each other. [Unsupported]
/nlun [CONFIRM] Updates account name on the server to the one minecraft account currently has [Unsupported]
Namelayer Passive Commands
Namelayer command Function
/nllg Lists all groups player is in. Formatted "<group> : <permission level>"
/nlgdg Gets default group
/nlgls Gets the amount of groups on server
/nlgs <group> Get stats about a group. (Total members and list of members)
/nlid Infodump including list of members for each role level in each group
/nllci Lists players current active invites.
/nllm <group> (PlayerType) List the players with selected role in a group
/nllp <group> <PlayerType> Shows permissions for a PlayerType in a group.
/nlsbl <group> Shows all blacklisted players for a group


FactoryMod Infographic (by Seekinq)

The FactoryMod plugin allows the production of materials at a higher efficiency. Some items in game can only be produced with factories. Each factory varies and they all have different recipes. A player can access all the factories and their recipes by typing /fm in game. Each factory has a set amount of health that gradually degrades over time. When a factory's health reaches zero, it must be repaired using the repair recipe within the factory menu. If a factory is left at zero health for too long, it will break permanently and will no longer be repairable.


A factory can be created by placing a furnace, crafting table, and a chest side by side.

  • The furnace is where fuel for the factory run is placed. When there is a fuel in the furnace, hit the furnace with a stick to start the factory.
  • The crafting table is used to select the recipe to run. A player can open the factory's menu by hitting the crafting table with a stick. Mouse over the wanted item and click it to select that recipe.
  • The chest holds the recipe's ingredients and is where the output is deposited. The factory health can be seen when the chest is hit with a stick.

To finish the factory creation, place the exact ingredients required for a specific factory in the chest an then left-click the crafting table. Factory recipes and required materials can be seen through the FactoryMod menus, accessed by typing /fm and /fm [factory name].


Owners: Kannon, Cortwade, Owain X

Admins: MetalHusband, Longboyy

Moderators: TheJmqn, TTastic, Ferro

Devs: Owain_X, Requalre, Orinnari, MetalHusband, Diet Cola

Map Maker: Zem

(If you feel you can contribute, please contact any Owners on Discord)


Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Challenge

The CivReign admins announced a building competition, on the 1st of April, for players to build "wonders", with 7 people being selected and the top 3 winning prizes.[8] The competition started on the 9th of April and the top 7 were announced on the 10th of May, with a public vote planned to pick the top 3. The winners of the public vote were announced on the 30th of May with Melon Man made by Seekinq and _Monkee winning the top prize of a $50 amazon gift card.

Build Name Builders Placement Prize
The Lighthouse of Alexandria Ferro
The Bridges of Alexandria Archie
The Statue of Enlightenment NikkoSama
The Kannin Harbor District Leobonet 3rd Place $10 gift card
Melon Man Seekinq, trinitymelons 1st Place $50 gift card
Aquinas Loft CredulousCultist
Ziqqurat of Fertility Bananagod8D, Kicky_, Rceckie 2nd Place $25 gift card


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