Brewer's Guild

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Varathian Brewing Guild
Organization TypeGuild
Field of WorkBrewing
Founded16 Oct 2019

The Varathian Brewing Guild, located on the north side of Olendor, began construction on the 16th October of 2019. Land was cleared by TTastic, Wshankspear, Albyrt, and Fitian. Founded by TTastic, the guild's mission is to research the many varieties of alcohol and potions that CivRealms has to offer. Being primarily affiliated with Varathia, the Guild exclusively accepts the Empire's currency: Imperial Credits.

The Brewing Guild's primary purpose will be research, but will also offer classes, lectures, and recipe books in exchange for Imperial Credits. Faculty of the guild include TTastic, Fitian, Albyrt, and Axusgrad. The guild hopes to also serve as a distribution center and tourist attraction for Varathia.